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5 cares to have with your car suspension

A car suspension in good condition is mandatory for the proper functioning of the vehicle, since it  is the one that absorbs all the impacts allowing a more comfortable journey

In this article, we will give you 5 precautions that should be taken with the suspension system and steering system.

Car suspension

The car suspension is the main responsible for the absorption of road imperfections. This component helps in the comfort, smoothing the road through which the car drives.

The car suspension is a safety  component since it allows a stable acceleration  and braking process

The suspension system has several components, as you can see at the following point.

What are the suspension components ?

  • Torsion bar;
  • Pivots.
  • Trays.
  • Bushings.
  • Connecting rods.

How does a car suspension work?

The car suspension works as follows:

  • The wheels are connected to the axle by an arm connecting directly to the vehicle frame.
  • This support depends on the type of suspension we’re referring to. It is this first connection that allows the wheel to rotate and move to both sides .
  • On the axles a spring is connected that extends to the vehicle frame into a superior part of it.
  • When the vehicle passes through an uneven surface this spring deforms, absorbing the impact.
  • To relieve the spring, hydraulic pistons are installed to smooth the vehicle.

Pistons and springs are the main responsible for support any vehicle impact. In addition, they always keep the body work on the same level without anyone suffering impacts inside the cabin.

Although there are different types of springs, shock absorbers and arms, it is this system that maintains the vehicle stability

What suspensions types can we find?

·      Torsion Bar Suspension

Torsion bar suspension is the most common in the rear suspension In this ,the two wheels are connected only by one axle and work together.

Despite having a low production cost, this type of suspension is the heaviest and the most conducive to a tire grip loss

·      Independent Suspension

The independent suspension is mainly used in sports cars.  It  provides stability and grip, it is a lightweight system and helps to transmit engine power to the wheels accurately.

·      Macpherson Suspension

The Macpherson suspension system is very simple. It consists of a spring, a damper and an arm. The damper supports the vehicle body through a rubber support and the bottom is supported by a  triangle.

This system is characterized by a low production cost and   a large displacement of components that helps to absorb road imperfections.

·       Double-triangle suspension

The double triangle suspension supports the wheels on an upper arm and a lower arm together in a V form. This type of suspension is quite common in sports cars for its above average stiffness and stability, very important in racing.  However, it has a high price due to its complex construction.

·      Multilink Suspension

The multilink suspension is by many considered one of the best suspensions ever invented, as it is characterized by its advanced double triangle suspension system. This type of suspension is quite common in high-performance rear-wheel drive cars.

In this suspension system,  are used between 3 and 5 arms to maintain the axle position. With all this complexity, the vehicle gains greater grip and speed.



5 cares to have with your car suspension.

1.    Periodic inspections

Periodic car inspections are truly important and the car suspension is no exception. Every 20,000 km you must check the suspension and, if necessary, make the correct adjustments and replacements.

2.    Avoid road imperfections

To avoid further suspension wear, cares should be taken while driving. By avoiding imperfections on the road and meeting speed limits on bumps, it not only increases the suspension lifetime, but also the steering system.

3.    Balance the weight and avoid excessive loads

The car suspension should not be overloaded at any time. With such a thing, the load must be redistributed equally by the vehicle to avoid further wear.

4.    Steering alignment and wheel balancing

Steering alignment is essential to the vehicle suspension proper condition. A poor alignment will lead to  increased wear on the suspension and steering system.

5.    Wash regularly

Dirt and debris in the suspension leads to a greater effort of this component.

What are the suspension prices?

A suspension and steering system cost around 900 euros, while a set of 4 springs for the suspension is around 200 euros. As far as the damper is concerned, prices are around EUR 50 per unit.

The car suspension can be sold together or separately. You can purchase a complete suspension system in which all the above components are included or else purchase only one of the components you specifically need.

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