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ABS System: How it works and advantages.

The ABS system has completely revolutionized the way a vehicle is immobilized. This system, together with the brake discs can prevent numerous accidents.

In this article we explain how the works. Keep reading!


ABS system

The acronym ABS stands for Anti-lock Braking System. This system is used on disc brakes so that the vehicle tyres do not slide when the driver brakes more suddenly.

The ABS system was launched in the mid-1970s with the aim of helping to immobilize the vehicle on low-grip floors.

This system debuted on the automotive market in 1978 in the Mercedes-Benz Class S, an extra that for the vehicle in question would cost about 1100 euros.

Currently, most cars on the roads are already equipped with the ABS system, one of the most important components in the active safety of a car.


How does the ABS system work in cars?

  1. The ABS operation begins with the speed sensor present on the wheels
  2. When this sensor finds that the wheel speed is less than the vehicle speed, it sends a signal to the Control Unit;
  3. The information received in the control unit is forwarded to the ABS system which realizes that it has to activate its mechanism to have wheels traction.
  4. The control unit then sends a signal to the brake hydraulic system to suddenly activate and/or deactivate the disc brake .
  5. At this point, which lasts a few fractions of a second, the driver will feel only a vibration on the brake pedal. This movement not only indicates that the ABS has been activated, but also indicates the opening and closing of the abs valves;
  6. Finally, the vehicle has the 4 wheels rotating at the same speed or, in the event of sudden braking, the vehicle brakes safely.



What does the ABS light on mean?

The ABS light on means that there is some kind of error in the ABS system. But calm down, you don’t have to worry. The car won’t run out of brakes.

The ABS light on only indicates that the component should be checked as soon as possible and therefore should go to your  mechanic to have a a check up on the system.

A reset to the ABS system or a cleaning on the ABS sensor may be sufficient to turn off the light.


What should be checked in the ABS system?

For this system to work properly you must check:

Poor condition of the components mentioned above may make it difficult to operate the ABS system when braking more abruptly.

Therefore, the ABS system should be checked in the periodic maintenance since only then is it possible to check errors in all electronic systems.


What are the advantages of the ABS system?

  1. Reduced braking time.
  2. Increased road grip
  3. Ability to steer the vehicle in emergency brakes
  4. Increased resistance to tire wear.



What components can we find in a ABS disk system?

  • Speed sensors;
  • ABS pump;
  • Valves;
  • ABS control unit.


What is ABS with ESP?

While the ABS acts on all wheels simultaneously, the ESP system can lock each wheel independently.

The ESP system finds when the vehicle is in cornering skid. In this situation, the ESP finds which wheels need traction for the vehicle to circulate safely again.


What is the response time of the ABS system?

The ABS response system is one thousand of a second.

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