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Air Conditioning Charging Machine: The Best Options for Your Garage

When a customer complains that their air conditioner does not cool as it should, they may need their air conditioning unit charged. To make this task easier, mechanics rely on a car air conditioning charging machine.

If you’re looking to improve your garage’s services and productivity, read this article to find out what this machine is and the best options of air conditioning charging machine for your garage.


What is an Air Conditioning Charging Machine for Garages?

A car air conditioning charging machine is a piece of equipment designed to handle the air conditioning system of vehicles such as cars, lorries, and other types of motor vehicles.

This type of machine can very often be found in maintenance service centres, used to repair and recharge air conditioning systems.



What is a Garage Air Conditioning Charging Machine For?

This type of machine has specific functionalities and features to meet the needs of a vehicle’s air cooling systems. Some of the key functions and features include:

  • Gas evacuation: the machine is able to remove unwanted gases and residues from the system before coolant is refilled;
  • Tests and diagnostics: many automotive air conditioning charging machines have diagnostic capabilities that can be used to identify leaks, inadequate pressures, and other problems in the system;
  • Vacuum: some machines can create a vacuum in the air conditioning system before refilling the antifreeze, ensuring any moisture and impurities are effectively removed;
  • Pressure management: the machine controls system pressures to ensure that the machine is recharged efficiently, complying with the rules of occupational safety;
  • Compatibility: these systems are generally compatible with the different types of coolants used in automotive air conditioning systems, such as R134a and R1234yf.


What Types of Air Conditioning Charging Machines are There?

There are several types of car air conditioning machines, each with specific features and functionalities. The most common are:

  • Automotive air conditioning gas refill machine: in addition to recharging the refrigerant, it is also able to recycle and purify the refrigerant removed from the system during maintenance;
  • Diagnostic machines: more advanced machines include diagnostic capabilities to identify system problems such as leaks, inadequate pressures, or component failures;
  • Air conditioner cleaning machine: this type of machine generally vacuums the air conditioning system before the coolant is replaced. This makes it possible to remove moisture and impurities, ensuring the system runs smoothly.



Which Features Should You Consider When Buying an Air Conditioning Charging Machine?

If you have your own car garage and are considering buying an air conditioning charging machine, you should take into account some important aspects:

  1. Type of Service: determine what types of operations you plan to perform with the machine. Do you need a machine simply to recharge the coolant, or do you want additional features such as diagnostics, leak testing, vacuuming, and purification?
  2. Coolant compatibility: make sure the machine is compatible with the coolant types used in your customers’ vehicle air conditioning systems;
  3. Recirculation and purification: if you are interested in environmental sustainability, choose a machine able to recirculate and purify the coolant removed from the system;
  4. Diagnosis and testing: diagnostic features such as leak detection and pressure analysis can be very useful in identifying problems in air systems and improving the quality of the service provided;
  5. Ease of use: choose a template with an intuitive, user-friendly interface;
  6. Portability: consider a more compact, portable machine that can be easily transported around your workplace;
  7. Regulations and standards: check that the machine complies with the regulations and standards of the country in which it operates.


Which Air Conditioning Charging Machines are Available in the KROFtools Catalogue?

You’ll find several car air conditioning charging machine models in the KROFTools catalogue. Keep treading to find out their characteristics.


A/C Service Station –R134ya



With an operating temperature range of between -20ºC ~ +60ºC, this machine features a 10″ touch screen and pressure gauges with a digital pressure number display.

It has a ventilation system with 2 redundant electronic fans.

Click on the image to find out more about our A/C Service Station R134ya (ref. 9040).

A/C Service Station –R1234yf




For use with R1234YF coolant, this machine allows the use of up to 4 sealed oil bottles of PAG/POE/UV/350ml used oil.

Equipped with 5 electronic scales, a 10 ” touch screen, pressure gauges with digital numeric pressure display, and 3 redundant electric fans.

Click on the image to find out more about our A/C Service Station R1234yf (ref. 9041).


How Much Does an Air Conditioning Charging Machine Cost?

A car air conditioning charging machine can cost thousands of euros, depending on the brand and its technical specifications.

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