Tips for good air conditioning maintenance in your car

Do you know how to do a good air conditioning maintenance?

Air conditioning (AC), although still considered an extra, is an equipment present in most cars without which we cannot pass with. But despite its popularity, few people understand how it works or how they should be maintained.

To get the most out of your car’s air conditioning system and prevent any malfunctions, it is important that you take some measures – simple but necessary.


How to do the maintenance in you air conditioning system?

In order to have your air condition working properly is critical to have regular checkups and constants preventive interventions.

Follow the tips mentioned below and avoid unexpected expenses:


  1. One of the most common problems in air conditioning systems is the locking in the air filters or condensers. To avoid this problem, wash the condenser with water regularly.
  2. Dirt and humidity are two of the main causes of Ac problems. Therefore, it is important to ensure good cleaning and hygiene of the interior of your car.
  3. The AC air filter, which is located below the panel in most vehicles, should be thoroughly cleaned with water or even replaced if necessary. Be sure to clean the filter during regular maintenance. Take a proactive attitude and clean it before the start of summer.
  4. Excessive engine heating can have a negative impact on car’s air conditioning. This is because the AC condenser is located in front of the engine radiator. In case of overheating, excessive heat can be transferred to the condenser affecting its performance. To avoid situations such as these, the radiator should be inspected and cleaned frequently.
  5. Since the AC compressor is typically driven by an engine belt,  insufficient lubrication or maintenance can lead to compressor failures. It is important that you inspect the transmission belt connected to the compressor, gas pipes and hoses in order to avoid any malfunction of the car air conditioner.
  6. Do not ignore the strange sounds coming from the compressor. Such noise may indicate problems with the transmission belt or other components of the AC.
  7. Loss of lubrication is one of the most common reasons behind the failure of the air conditioning compressor. If you notice gas oil stains from the AC on the compressor , pipes and hoses, go to your workshop immediately.
  8. Use the recirculation mode as much as possible as this improves the efficiency of the air conditioner. In addition, this mode blocks the entry of dirty air or unpleasant odors from the outside.
  9. Keep the windows closed when you turn on the AC as this can cause the air conditioner to operate less efficiently. Forcing the air conditioning system to work harder will only mean that you´ll spend more fuel
  10. Turn on the car’s air conditioning weekly and let it run for approximately 10 minutes. Set the temperature to the coldest setting and the fan at the fastest speed. This will help keep the gas pressure at its ideal level and the compressor in good condition.
  11. Recharge the AC frequently. Many problems with automobile air conditioning systems are the result of low levels of refrigerant gas that is used to cool the air before distributing it throughout the vehicle.
  12. Follow the advice indicated in the owner’s manual to ensure that all necessary services are performed in the air conditioning system.

Air conditioning systems can have losses of 10 to 15% gas in a year. This is where you’ll want to use the services of a specialized professional. Each air conditioning system has an exact amount of gas that should be in the system.

If you like the comfort the AC provides you, don’t ignore it. Without regular inspections and maintenance, it will not function properly for long.


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