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Air Con Not Working Car: What Now?

When your air con not working car in winter, it can be a big inconvenience. However, it may be a sign that the system is malfunctioning.

In addition to stopping your windows from fogging up, air conditioners are excellent for regulating internal car temperature. As such, if the system is unable to heat up or cool down, it’s a sign that something’s not right.

Car air conditioner cooling but not heating? Keep reading to find out the possible causes and what you can do to get around the situation.


What are the Different Types of Car Air Conditioning?

The most common car air conditioning systems are:

  • Manual: these are basic car air conditioning systems in which the driver manually controls the temperature and intensity of airflow;
  • Automatic: contains automatic controls that adjust to meet the needs of the vehicle interior;
  • Digital: allows you to control the temperature more precisely through buttons on a digital screen, which is usually a touchscreen;
  • Automatic Digital: has sensors that keep the vehicle at a temperature set by the driver.


What are the Typical Problems faced with Car Air Conditioning Systems?

The most common anomalies are:

  • Low coolant levels;
  • Compressor failures;
  • Obstructions in air circulation systems;
  • Coolant leaks;
  • Electrical problems affecting system operations.


What are the Symptoms of Low Air Conditioning Gas Levels?

When your air conditioning unit has low gas levels, your system will present with the following symptoms:


The Air Coming Out Will Not be As Cold as Before

If your car air con not cold only produces warm air, even when set to the minimum temperature, it means that it has low cooling gas levels.

The gas absorbs heat from the air flowing through the evaporator. As such, an insufficient amount of gas leads to a reduction in the system’s cooling capacity.



What are the Symptoms of a Broken Air Conditioning Compressor?

On the other hand, if the air conditioner does not heat up or has problems cooling, its cause may be linked to the compressor.

To prevent damage to the system, the most common outcome is the air conditioner turning off or only working intermittently. However, there are other signs of anomaly, the most common being:


Abnormal Noises

A malfunctioning air conditioning compressor can produce abnormal noises, such as creaking or knocking, due to worn parts.


Oil Leaks

If oil leaks from around the air conditioning compressor, it means there are internal problems in the compressor or problems with the seal.


Engine Performance Problems

In some cases, a malfunctioning air conditioning compressor can affect engine performance. As a result, the engine loses power, or you may experience other engine malfunctions.



Why is Your Car Air Conditioner Not Heating Up?

A car’s heating system consists of several interconnected elements. In this sense, it is common for elements to break, such as:

  • Water pumps, which are responsible for circulating the coolant. If broken, there is a risk of the engine overheating;
  • Radiator breaking, causing fluid to leak into the passenger compartment;
  • Electronics and controls failing, causing the system to not reach the temperature desired;
  • Failure of the thermostat, the component responsible for regulating water temperature;
  • Failure of the fans, preventing ventilation of the engine;
  • Cooling system leaks;
  • Clogged heating system, causing the circuit not to work.


What Should You Do When Your Air Conditioner Won’t Heat Up?

If your car’s air conditioner is not heating up correctly, you’ll need to find out why. Firstly, check the levels of the engine coolant and the fluid in the heating system.

If they are normal, check the condition of the thermostat, whether the fan is working, and the temperature controls to look for any issues.

If you cannot detect any anomalies, you should seek out a specialised mechanic. Using an air conditioning machine to carry out the tests necessary for a correct diagnosis.



Want some tips on Carrying Out Preventive Maintenance on your Air Conditioner?

To avoid problems such as difficulties heating the interior of the vehicle, you must carry out effective air conditioning maintenance. This task involves lubricating the system, replacing the cabin filter, and regularly inspecting coolant levels and system components.

In addition, you should clean the system every 2 years.


How Often Should You Charge a Car’s Air Conditioning Unit?

Generally speaking, ideally, you’ll charge your air conditioner every 2 years or every 40,000 km.


How Often Should You Clean a Car’s Air Conditioning Filters?

The cleanliness of air conditioner filters depends on how the driver uses it. However, it is recommended that you replace them every 6 months to avoid fungus growing in the air vents.


How Much Does It Cost to Repair a Car Air Conditioner?

The average price is 150 euros. However, the price may vary depending on the type of breakdown, location, and the need to purchase new parts.

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