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Air filter: What is their purpose?

Air filter are part of the huge variety of filters found in cars, others of which include fuel and oil filters.

These filters play an essential role not only in engine operations but also in the operations of other mechanisms.

In this article, we’ll explain what an air filter is and its purpose, and we’ll list the symptoms that indicate that you have a dirty air filter.

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What is a car air filter ?

As expected from their name, car air filters are components responsible for filtering the air that flows into a car engine, preventing dust and impurities from getting into the system.

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What types of air filters are there ?

The following types of air filters are available on the market:

  • Paper or cellulose air filters;
  • Metal mesh air filters;
  • Cotton air filters;
  • Foam air filters;
  • Sport air filters.


What is the purpose of an air filter ?

As would be expected from their name, car air filters prevent dust and impurities from getting into the car engine and damaging it. This type of filter is responsible for protecting the following components:


What care should you take with an air filter ?

The following maintenance tips should be followed for car air filters:

  • Air filters should be cleaned often;
  • Specific filter cleaning products must be used.



How much does an air filter cost ?

The price of an air filter varies between 10 and 100 euros, depending on the make and model of the vehicle in which it will be installed.


When should you change your air filter ?

Different recommendations apply to every vehicle, so make sure you check your vehicle owners’ manual to follow the correct advice.


When should you clean your car air filter ?

Air filters should be cleaned every 6 months.


What are the symptoms of a dirty air filter ?

The symptoms of a dirty air filter are as follows:

  • Increased fuel consumption;
  • Loss of engine power;
  • Difficulty starting your car;
  • Dark gases released from your vehicle exhaust.

Keep reading to find out how to clean your vehicle’s air filter.


How do you clean car air filter ?

Follow these steps to clean your car air filter:

  1. Open your car hood and remove the filter;
  2. Vacuum the debris in the filter;
  3. Rinse the filter with a solution made up of water and filter cleaner;
  4. Cover the filter with a dry towel;
  5. Let the filter dry;
  6. Add air filter oil to the filter;
  7. Replace the filter.


What is a sport air filter?

A sport air filter, also known as a conical air filter, is a type of air filter that allows for increased airflow into a vehicle engine.

This airflow improves vehicle performance by allowing it to reach higher speeds.


What types of sport air filters are there?

There are two types of sport air filters:


  • High-performance cotton air filters

High-performance cotton filters are the most efficient and allow the maximum amount of air into the engine.

These filters can be easily removed, washed, and reused and should be cleaned every 80,000 km.


  • Reusable performance air filter

Reusable performance air filters allow more air into the engine than standard air filters.

These filters should be cleaned every 80,000 km.

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