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Auto Battery: How to change and which one to choose?

Nowadays vehicles have at least one battery. Whether it’s electric cars, combustion cars or hybrid cars, the car battery is a essential component

To start the car, it´s is mandatory to have a battery in good condition. In this article we will explain you how to recharge the car battery, how you can change it and which one to choose. Continue with us!


Car battery

The car battery is used to store the energy produced by the engine and to provide that same energy to the vehicle when needed.

For example, when the engine is started, it needs power to activate the starting systems


Car battery recharger

Over time, any battery gets worn out. If your vehicle does not turn on, it may be synonymous of a broken battery.

To check the battery condition you should contact your mechanic to proceed with the investigation  through a digital battery test or through the battery’s density with a battery density tester.

After these tests have been carried out, a diagnosis is made. Here you will know if a new auto battery is needed or if only a charging boost with a battery charger is required


What’s the price for an auto battery charger?

The price for an battery charger ranges from 30 euros to 120 euros and can be purchased in a auto store.

You ran out of battery but you managed to get it to work by pushing? Maybe your car will still run for a few days, but after that, it might stop working again.

The best option is to charge the battery.


How to charge the battery

  1. Connect the discharged battery to the charged one with the help of  cables;
  2. Start the vehicle engine that has the battery charged and accelerate some time up to 2000 rpm;
  3. Start the car with the battery discharged.
  4. Leave the car that had the battery discharged running for 20 minutes.

Where can I buy a battery for the car?

You can buy a car battery in almost every auto stores.

What’s the price for a car battery?

Within the various auto battery options, you can purchase, there are two types that come up:


Gel battery

The gel battery has the following features:

  • Light
  • Lasting.
  • It can achieve the same charge capacity as the heaviest lithium batteries.

In contrast, the auto gel battery is the most expensive. It can exceed 250 euros.


Lithium battery

The lithium battery is the most common and most used

  • Heavy.
  • It has a lower purchase cost

In contrast, the lithium battery is more accessible. You can custar entre 40€ and 300€.



How to change it

To change the car battery you need  a kit of keys and some kind of mechanic gloves. There are several steps to consider when thinking about changing it:

  1. Park the car in a place with good lighting
  2. Leave the car turned off for at least 10 minutes.
  3. Remove the lighter from the vehicle and place a memory keeper (if your vehicle does not have one) to not lost your personal configurations.
  4. Localize the battery.
  5. Find the positive and negative terminals.
  6. Remove the battery.
  7. Clean the terminals and place the new battery.
  8. Place the terminals in the correct positions.
  9. Confirm that the terminals are tight.
  10. Start the vehicle.

If you need to change the car battery, you can choose to purchase one from an authorized dealer.


Auto battery maintenance

There are few cases where a self-service battery maintenance can be done If the battery has an opening at the top, it is a sign that you can perform yourself the maintenance. Batteries can be revived by filling the battery acid they have inside.


Factors to consider when choosing a battery

There are several limitations when it comes to choose the ideal battery. These must have the specifications required by the car manufacturer, to avid electrical errors.

Here are some important points to take in mind before choosing any battery for your car:

  • Battery size: This is one of the main issues to take into account.
  • Cold start amperes (CCA): The number of amperes that a battery can hold for 30 seconds at a temperature of 0 degrees is essential to endure a cold start.
  • Reserve capacity (RC): The reserve capacity is used to store energy and pass it to the engine in the event of a alternator failure.


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