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Bicycle Repair Shop: The best tools

With bicycles becoming more and more popular, people find themselves increasingly in need of a bicycle repair shop to ensure their bike is well-maintained and kept in a good state of repair.

More and more people are choosing to get around by bike these days, resulting, among other things, in a reduction of greenhouse gases.

Whether you’re planning to open a bicycle repair shop or to improve the performance of a shop you already own, find out the tools you need to optimise and increase your profits.


What does a bicycle repair shop do?

In addition to providing technical advice, bicycle shops nowadays offer services such as bicycle maintenance and repairs.

Specialised bike shops are key to repairing your bike, especially if you own an electric bike.


This type of workshop provides services such as:

  • General lubrication;
  • Wheel disassembly;
  • Wheel trueing;
  • Gear tuning;
  • Replacing brake pads;
  • Suspension servicing and maintenance;
  • Transmission cleaning and lubrication;
  • Hub and bearing cleaning and lubrication.

In addition, they may provide services relating to the general cleaning of your bicycle, which is ideal if you’re into mountain biking, for example.



Which bike repair shop tools should you invest in?

One of the ways to ensure your repair shop turns a profit is to invest in tools that allow you to reduce the time you spend on certain tasks.

To help you, we’ve listed some of the tools you should have in your bicycle repair shop. Here’s our list:


1. Slimlight Rechargeable



Brightness is one of the most important factors to consider in a bicycle repair shop. As such, there are several inspection lamps to choose from, such as ones that are either fixed or flexible.

A rechargeable, articulated slim 3-LED inspection lamp is the most suitable for a bicycle repair shop, as it allows you to accurately illuminate hard-to-reach places.

Ensuring the utmost diligence in the repair of every bicycle.

Click on the image to find out more about the rechargeable, articulated slim 3-LED Rechargeable Foldables Pocket Slimlight. (Ref.1089)



2. Electric Reel



Especially when using power tools, there are often lots of electrical cables lying around the workshop. To avoid this and increase safety at work, there’s nothing better than a reel.

The electric reel is an extension cord that allows you to plug in any tool.

This socket has a power capacity of 1000W/3000W and a voltage of 230V. This allows you to connect electric drills or even machines that require a high voltage.

Click on the image to find out more about the electric reel 3×1.5mm 15M. (Ref.2085)


Air reels are equally important for pneumatic tools and tire inflation tubes, as is the case with the 7.5 x 11.5mm 10 meter PVC Air Reel.

Click on the image to find out more about the 7.5 x 11.5mm 10 meter PVC Air Reel (Ref.2074)


3. Mobile Workbench for bicycle workshops



One of the ways to organise your bicycle repair shop is by using tool trolleys and cabinets. Doing so lets you keep your tools tidy and organised, helping you avoid damage or accidents.

If this appeals to you, there’s no better choice than an 84″ Mobile Workbench with small, medium and large drawers for every type of tool. Click on the image to find out more.


4. Bicycle repair shop impact Wrench



An impact driver is indispensable to any bicycle repair shop as a tool used to substitute manual force in activities that require force or repetitive movements – such as tightening and loosening screws, the impact wrench has become indispensable in any bicycle workshop.

The most commonly found impact drivers are electric, as is the case for the 1/2″ 650Nm 18V battery impact driver. All you’ll need is to ensure you have a power source nearby while using it.

In addition, users can regulate the power by simply adjusting the torque to the job at hand.

Click on the image to find out more about our 1/2″ 650Nm 18V impact wrench (Ref.9900).


5. Torque Wrench



Another tool that helps tighten or loosen screws or nuts on bicycles is the ratchet wrench, which provides the appropriate torque for each task, as is the case with the 1/4″ 1-5Nm torque wrench.

Click on the picture to find out more about our 1/4” 1-5Nm Torque Wrench (ref. 8240).


6. Adjustable Spanners, Stapler Gun, Knife Module 7PCS 



The perfect tool to install pedals or wheel hubs, as well as to disassemble shock absorbers, adjustable spanners are one of the most important tools for bicycle maintenance.

In fact, thin spanners are ideal for bicycle repair shops, as they can be used in tight spaces.

Our 7-piece set: spanner, stapler, and utility knife allows you not only to have access to a spanner but also to 2 other tools sure to come in very handy.

Click on the image to find out more about our 7-piece set: Spanner, stapler gun and utility knife (ref. 8571).


7. Grip Plier



Locking pliers clamp and press parts and surfaces and are therefore helpful in tightening and loosening screws. They can also be fitted with various tips.

Beyond holding and pressing parts or surfaces, our 10″ Locking Pliers have built-in wire cutters and reinforced teeth, allowing them to grip parts more precisely.

Click on the image to find out more about one of the pairs of Grip pliers available. (ref. 0111).

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