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Bike Exhaust: Learn All

The bike exhaust is one of the most desirable components to make changes, whether for aesthetics or performance reasons. However, motorcycle owners change this component without any knowledge of the laws in force. In this article we explain how you can legalize the escape on the bike in a few steps.


Motorcycle Exhaust

The bike exhaust is responsible for expelling the gases came from the engine combustion chambers. This component is made of iron to be shaped especially for each model . The exhaust system is usually composed by three parts: exhaust manifold, exhaust catalyst and motorcycle exhaust tips, also known as silencers.


Motorcycle exhaust manifold

The exhaust manifold is the first point of contact between the exhaust and the engine. It is connected to the engine by multiple screws (depending on the number of cylinders of the bike in question) and takes the exhaust gases to the catalyst.

It is in the exhaust manifold that the oxygen sensors communicate to the engine ECU the amount of oxygen present there to adjust with the fuel needed to the combuistion.


Bike exhaust catalyst

The exhaust catalyst on the bike filters out the polluting gases coming from the engine. Here the gases are filtered to be accomplished with European pollution standards.

Currently the European standard is the EURO6 and aims to limit the release of polluting gases from motorcycles into the atmosphere.


Motorcycle exhaust tips

The tips are the final part of the exhaust system and this is where the engine gases come out. It is also in this component that motorcycle manufacturers point to the reduction of noise from the engine. It is for this reason  that they are known as silencers.



Bike homologated exhausts

The bike homologated exhausts are a set of motorcycle exhaust systems that the driver use on the motorcycle according to European standards within the limits of the law of each country.

There are essentially two types of motorcycle-approved exhausts:

  • Bike approved exhausts for use on the road

These bikes approved exhausts for use on the road are noisier and provide better performance to the bike without ever interfering with the environment.

These are lighter motorcycle exhausts, as they are constructed of carbon fiber, magnesium or even titanium.

  • Homologated exhausts for use on track

These bikes approved exhausts are used exclusively on track. Although they perform better, compared to the exhausts used on the road, they are very noisy because they do not have a catalyst filter.


How to change bike exhaust

To change the bike exhaust you must follow these steps:

  1. Place the bike on a motorcycle holder or on a hydraulic motorcycle lift;
  2. Remove the screws attached to the exhaust manifold.
  3. Remove the  sensors connected e to the engine.
  4. Remove the screws connecting the motorcycle exhaust to the catalyst system with a ratchet;
  5. Remove the old exhaust
  6. Place the new manifold with some grip with an open ended wrench.
  7. Attach the connecting pipe to the manifold and screw it into the old supports
  8. Place the exhaust tip safely in its place;
  9. Use a dynamometric wrench to place the tightenings advised by the manufacturer on all screws.


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