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Car accessories that can be more dangerous than useful

Nowadays, there is a huge list of accessories for cars that aim to improve the appearance of the vehicles and provide them with more comfort and convenience.

However, many of these parts and accessories may present several dangers for you and your car. Read on and find out which ones you should avoid putting on your shopping list.


Car accessories that could be more dangerous than useful

Although manufacturers build cars and parts with safety in mind, standards are not as high as supplemental parts.

When you want to give the vehicle a personalized touch, make sure you’re not adding danger to it either.

Meet the 9 most dangerous car parts and accessories today:

1. Non-OEM carpets (Original Equipment Manufacturer)

It is common practice to buy spare carpets in the aftermarket. However, purchasing non-OEM carpets can be harmful, as some may get stuck to the accelerator or brake pedal and cause loss of control of the vehicle and  a consequent accident.

While carpets sold by original accessory dealers are more expensive than non-OEM, they are tailor-made for a specific vehicle and are a much safer bet.


2. Colorful headlights

It’s not uncommon to see cars with a yellow tint in their headlights.

Generally, people use these headlights to improve visibility, but in reality, these can reduce the intensity of the headlight.

Although the original headlights meet the purpose in most conditions, you can always change the lamp if you need greater visibility. Avoid, however, the colored ones.


3. Lamp darkening kits

Some owners give their car’s rear headlights a black hue. Although it gives it a more personal touch, it has an adverse effect on lighting.

These darkening kits steal much of their intensity, making circulation on the public road dangerous – for you and for third parties.


4. Video players

Factory-installed  infotainment units on most cars do not allow video playback as soon as the car goes into motion.

However, non-OEM video players mounted on the dashboard can support video playback.

Watching videos while driving can divert the driver’s attention and result in a serious accident.



5. Steering spinners

Although steering spinners are quite popular, they are extremely dangerous.

Unless they come from the factory with the car, the quality of the steering spinners is highly questionable as they can brake during use, which can cause an involuntary movement on the steering wheel and an inevitable loss of control.

6. Accessories for seat belts

The seat belt is one of the most important safety accessories within a car.  Applying extra accessories to this component can change its primary objective and make it a threat to yourself and passengers.

7. Cup holders

Additional cup holders can affect the safety of your car, as well as it compromises the interior and sanitization.

In a few seconds, the liquid can be poured in the wrong places or the brackets may fall off .

The cup holders placed by the manufacturer are in safe places. Don’t add it to your car anymore or you can damage your electric components and reduce the vehicle´s safety.

8. Measures for non-approved tyres

Tyre size is important and that is why all cars have a measure recommended by the manufacturer and subsequently checked in the car inspection.

Do not compromise the safety of your car just because you like tyres of a different size than the one approved.

Tires with different dimensions from those of origin affect the performance of the vehicle and contribute to the degradation of various components.

9. Trailers and trailers

When non protected tows come loose, they can cause fatal accidents. They cancompromise yours and other people safety.  Ensure that your towing system has been installed by a certified entity to prevent accidents.

If safety is something important to you, think twice before buying car accessories. After all, the vehicle you bought was developed and built that way for some reason.


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