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Car Repair: 7 Tools to start working now

It’s only possible to successfully repair a car if you have the right tools.

If you’re thinking about starting to repair cars in your home or in your new workshop, it is important to make sure that you have the essential tools and utensils to do a good job. Take a blank sheet of paper and a pen, and start taking notes:


Set of ratchet wrenches

A set of ratchet wrenches is undoubtedly the auto tool you’ll need the most. A suitable set of tools will include varying sizes, for you to be able to work on different things.


Torque wrench

Tightening nuts with a torque wrench is usually neglected by novice mechanics. However, improper tightening of a nut can cause the screw to loosen, while making it much more difficult to remove when necessary.

For car repair, use a torque wrench to ensure that it is tightening to the proper specifications. To adjust the wrench, simply turn the lower handle and align the upper part with the specific “torque” that is engraved on the tool. Tighten until you hear two clicks and you’re ready to go.



A set of screwdrivers is as always useful, not only for in a workshop, but also in a garage or even at home. However, if your goal is to repair cars consistently, you will certainly need to upgrade what you already have.

Get a complete set that includes flat screwdrivers, Phillips screwdrivers, and very small screwdrivers, delicate enough for electronic work. In fact, the larger the range of your screwdrivers, the better.


Axle Stand/Support Trestles

A jack is used to lift and lower a car, but never to hold it in the air. Unless you want to invest in an elevator, you will need two pairs of axle stands for most repairs. Make sure you purchase support trestles that are suitable for the weight of the vehicles you are repairing.




Have you thought about the kind of conditions in which you will be working? In many cases, auto workshops are poorly lit. There are so many dark corners and nooks in a car that you’ll definitely need a reliable source of light – or several.

The right lighting depends on you and your preferences. Some mechanics prefer handlamps and projectors, while others prefer flashlights and LED spotlights. The best thing is to buy several formats, each for a different occasion and job.


Cleaning sprays and lubricants

All mechanical moving parts need to be cleaned and lubricated regularly, so you will need to include some liquid sprays in your “list of tools for car repair”.

An antirust can help you loosen stubborn screws and prevent the accumulation of rust; a brake cleaner spray dries quickly and can be used to clean any metal part; a silicone lubricant eliminates noise and friction and doesn’t attract dirt; and a degreaser removes oil-based products from the sliding plates, shafts and steering components.


Instruction manual

The most valuable tool while repairing a car is probably the manual that comes with the vehicle from the factory. All specifications of the vehicle’s model are included in this manual, and it often includes very useful tutorials for common tasks, such as changing the brake pads or making small adjustments to the engine. If you cannot find your car’s manual or the manual of the car you are repairing, you should do a quick search on the internet. Nowadays, it is possible to find many different manuals in pdf format.

There is an infinite amount of auto tools that can help you repair vehicles in an outstanding way. Start with the most basic tools and then keep upgrading your workshop, little by little.

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