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Cars of the future: The 5 big trends in the market

Get to know the big trends in the car market.

When you think about ‘cars of the future’, what immediately comes to your mind?

Although 2020 was a challenging year for the automotive industry – as well as the other industries – there were many automotive developments that continued to unfold behind the scenes. Read on to find out what the car of the future will look like.

5 automotive market trends for 2021

Despite parts disruptions, manufacturing delays, the closure of some factories and a significant drop in sales volume, the automotive sector continues to demonstrate its resilience.


Meet the five trends in the automotive market for 2021:

Trend 1: expansion of electric vehicles

Committed to sustainability, car manufacturers continue to focus on the development of the hybrid and electric car segment.

With the announcement of the Euro 7 directive, which promises to develop stricter standards for reducing polluting gas emissions by vehicles, the paradigm of electric cars remains firm and steadily.

Tax incentives for the acquisition of electrified vehicles also predict that their sales will increase in the coming years.


Trend 2: autonomous cars

Vehicle automation and driving assistance is one of the major trends in the automotive sector in this year of 2021.

It seems that the vehicles of the future that we imagined a few years ago are already a reality. This year, some brands are already designing the full automation of their cars, which essentially means technology that allows drivers to run their vehicles without having to get their hands on the wheel.

Although will take time for cars to ride autonomously, automated functions are becoming increasingly popular.


Trend 3: Biometric authentication

Keyless cars have been widely applauded in recent years, but 2021 brings an even more interesting novelty.

Biometric authentication will be implemented in vehicles over the next few years. Thanks to this new technology, cars now require the driver’s eyes, face or fingerprints to be unlocked.

This type of biometric security features external and internal fingerprint sensors to open and start the car, making vehicles safer and less prone to be theft. This new technology is being developed by Apple, which patented this project under the name “System and Method for Vehicle Authorization”.



Trend 4: Voice assistance

We imagine you’re thinking that voice assistance isn’t new, as most vehicles have been able to make calls, pick songs, or text for over a decade.

However, in 2021, this feature will be taken to the next level with even more advanced voice assistance.

This feature will allow drivers to order items they forgot to buy in the store on their way home and even control their smart home devices remotely. Could you image arriving home and lots of things are already done or prepared leaving you more time to spend with you family and friends?

The vehicle of the future will thus be a kind of virtual assistant ready to make your life easier.


Trend 5: Personalization

Inspired by the design of the 50s, in recent times several cars are being painted with two different shades – and this trend remains in 2021.

Most of the cars we see on the road are monochrome. However, the color palette is expected to change.

Now consumers can start “playing” with their vehicles look . It usually involves painting the roof and a touch of color below the bumper, side mirrors or around the headlights. Which gives drivers a few more customization options.

The impact of the pandemic on the global automotive industry will be felt in the coming years.

Changes in consumer needs, along with advances in technology, will certainly drive innovation and a new way of working and producing automobiles.


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