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How to Change the Oil in 6 steps

Changing the engine oil seems a very complicated task, but it’s easier than you think.

In this article, we show you how to change the car oil in a correct, safe and affordable way. After that, you’ll realize how much simpler this process is than what you thought it was.


Change car oil

As a rule, change the engine oil is a process done in a workshop, but you can also do it at home as long as you have the right tools.  In addition,  it is  also advisable to change the oil filter since oil debris present in the old filter can pass through the engine block leading to a possible failure.


What is the importance of a Car Oil Change?

Car oil is essential to ensure a proper engine operation and to keep components lubricated and refrigerated when the engine reaches high temperatures avoiding frictional damage.

KROFtools reinforces the importance of not only changing the oil according to the manufacture´s recommendations, but also check the oil level regularly.


How many different Engine Oils can we find ?

Synthetic Oil

Synthetic oil is laboratory made and is the one who retains more properties.  In addition, synthetic oil is the most configurable oil in its properties, however it has a higher cost compared to mineral oil and semi synthetic oil.


Mineral Oil

Mineral oil is obtained from petroleum components sediments.  Despite being the cheapest compared to the others, it has  the lowest lubrification capacity.


Semi Synthetic Oil

The Semi Synthetic oil is a mixture of mineral and synthetic oil made in the laboratory, which aims to balance the lower cost of mineral oils with the best properties of synthetics.



How to change car oil in 7 steps

Change the car oil can be simple if you follow the right steps.

Before you even start the process, check the manufacturer’s manual to determine exactly how much oil you will need.  Also make sure you have an oil filter with you before starting the process.

Prepare your auto tools such as the oil filter wrench and the oil drain plug key. Make sure you are using  gloves to  protect your hands. Now you’re almost ready to start. So,  follow the next 7 steps:


  1. Buy the right oil and oil filter for your car

An economical oil filter can save you money, but for a short time as it usually doesn’t last for many kilometers.To extend the oil life cycle and to preserve your car, use good quality filters.

Before buying any product, check your car manufacturer’s manual and check which oil is recommended for your car’s engine. It is essential to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations regarding the oil viscosity


  1. Pull the oil cap

Start by covering the floor with a plastic or a cardboard avoiding oil stains.

Then lift the car with a bottle jack or with an auto lift, place the jacks in the right place and low the lift again.

Unscrew the drain plug and quickly pull it out the used oil.  Clean the drain plug and install a new seal if necessary.


  1. Remove the oil filter

Remove the old oil filter and make sure that the rubber gasket comes out with it. Otherwise, remove it from the engine.


  1. Oil filter sckeys

There are different oil filter keys depending on the car. Select the one that suits your car.


  1. Add new oil to your engine

Refill the engine with the new oil, according to the manufacturer’s specifications, using a funnel . Cover the bottle to prevent liquid spillage before delivering it to a nearby recycling center.

After adding the oil, start the car and let it run until the oil light is out. Wait a few minutes, check the oil rod and, if necessary, add more oil.


  1. Recycle the old engine oil

Pour the used oil into bottle or a proper container and  deliver it to a recycling centre ( two out of three litres of used oil can be reused) .

It must ensure that these wastes are properly treated so that they do not become environmentally harmful.


  1. Additional tips for changing the car oil

  • If your car’s engine is cold, turn it on and let it run for five minutes so that the oil can heat up;
  • If the car is too hot, wait at least 30 minutes before changing the oil to avoid burns.
  • Never use an adjustable wrench on the drain plug. It is mandatory to use the right tool for the job
  • Use always Jacks Stands. Never work under a car supported only by a pneumatic lifter;
  • Use the new oil to coat the oil filter gasket before tightening;
  • Adjust the filter manually and tighten with a filter wrench.
  • Find an oil recycling center and recycle the old fluid.

If you followed these steps, you were able to change the oil in the car properly! It’s easier than you thought, isn’t it? Easy and economical.

How much does the oil change and car filter cost?

To value to change the oil filter is around 15 euros. To change the engine oil, will depend on the recommended by the manufacturer and the value can range  between 50 € and 200 €.

Both the price of the oil filter and engine oil will always depend on the type of car in question. If a vehicle engine carries a greater oil amount, it will certainly be more expensive.

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