Checklist for car maintenance before your trips

If you like to travel in your car, it is important that you always keep a checklist for your car maintenance.

Portugal has the most beautiful roads in Europe that ask for long journeys. However, to ensure that these journeys are safe and economical, it is important to check a few things in your car before starting towards your destination.


Preventive maintenance in cars: what should you check in your car before traveling?

  1. Tires

Tyres are one of the most neglected parts of a vehicle, but the truth is that a tyre with insufficient pressure or too much pressure can pose a risk to your vehicle.

A tire with insufficient pressure deforms and changes the performance of your vehicle what can enhance accidents.

A tire with too much pressure, on the other hand, changes the contact area with the road and can lead to changing driving conditions.

Check the condition and the tire pressure of your car before you go on the journey – and remember the spare tire too!


  1. Oil and oil filter

Oil is the lifeblood of your car. It keeps your engine parts running efficiently.

Most manufacturers recommend replacing the oil and oil filter every 10,000 kilometers.

Many experts say that oil changes should not exceed 20,000 km for synthetic oils or 10,000 km for half synthetics.

However, there are other aspects to be considered, such as, among others, the age of the vehicle and the type of roads usually covered.

Therefore, it is recommended to check the oil before starting any trip.


  1. Air filter

During winter, your car’s air filter may become clogged with various types of debris. A clogged air filter can decrease fuel efficiency.

Its replacement must be done every 20,000 km or two years. However, the life of this filter can be reduced if it usually circulates in dusty environments.

The only way to know if you really need to replace the air filter is by removing it and doing a quick inspection. Do this periodically and before you start a long journey.



  1. Windscreen wipers

For safe driving it is essential that the brushes are working properly, especially at night.

If your windscreen wipers are marking the glass, making noises, or not cleaning the water it is because they need to be replaced.

Go to a specialist shop and request the change of your brushes.


  1. Brakes

Brakes are your car’s most important safety feature.

Thus, it is essential that they are maintained according to their driving style and the manufacturer’s recommendations. Regularly check the thickness of the brake pads and replace them when necessary.


Here are some signs that your brakes need to be inspected:

  • The brake pedal vibrates and/or sinks more than normal.
  • The brake light lights up on the dashboard.
  • The brake pedal has become very hard and sturdy.
  • The car swerves to one side after braking.
  • The braking distance is increasing.
  • Anormal noises.


Other things you should do before you make a long trip:

  • Check the refrigerant and radiator;
  • Maintain the air conditioner;
  • Make sure that there is no leakage of any kind of fluid;
  • Wash the car
  • Change the spark plugs;
  • Make sure that the wheel wrench and the jack are in the car;
  • Bring a fire extinguisher

Even if you follow this car maintenance checklist, some breakdowns are inevitable.

Reserve some space in your vehicle for a tool bag. These can save your trip from an unforeseen situation.

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