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Clutch Bite point: How to do

The pedal on the left side is being forgotten. More and more vehicles are launched on the market with Automatic Transmissions  (binary converter, TCV ;double clutch). Although in the most sporty car models still use the manual box as an option for the most purists, the ATMs are gaining ground compared to the manuals and the clutch pedal is being set aside. However, who drives a car with manual box is essential to know how to make a clutch point.  Do you know what it is and why it is fundamental to the proper functioning of your vehicle?


What is the clutch?

The clutch is the link between the engine and the wheels. When the driver steps on the clutch pedal,the engine and gearbox are no longer in contact. Moving to a more technical language, the clutch consists of 3 pieces: clutch disc, pressure plate and backrest bearing. The backrest bearing, as the name implies, is next to the engine and is the connection point between the motor steering wheel and the clutch disc.

This connection is always made through the pressure exerted by the plate on the disc. This disk is connected to the transmission  shaft that works with the gearbox. When we press the clutch pedal, the pressure plate stops pressing the disc on the backrest bearing and disengages the car. This is when you can put a different change in the gearbox or put it in neutral.



Clutch bite point: What happens when you do it?

We already know what happens when the driver steps on the clutch pedal and when it starts too, but between these two is the clutch bite point. This point is known as being the first friction contact point between the parts. In diesel cars it is easier to detect the clutch point, since the car begins to move, while in petrol cars the car just shakes and requires more engine acceleration to start the gear.

Within the clutch what happens is the friction mentioned above. As we drop the foot of the pedal the friction is greater and, in this case, the greater the friction, the more the vehicle moves. You should also pay attention that if you drop the clutch abruptly, the car can “go down” and therefore should be done with the greatest possible care. Clutches are sturdy parts but, like all material, must be well taken care of.


Main problems of a bad clutch point

For good use of the clutch should always leave your foot smoothly. If the user drops the pedal abruptly, it  will be obliged to make efforts for which it has not been prepared. This forces a greater friction, leading to a temperature increase that further deteriorates the parts that compose it. This will be reflected in the lifetime of a clutch that, on average, has a longevity of about 100,000 km.



Clutch kit

How much is a new clutch?

At the beginning of the article saw that the clutch is composed of only 3 pieces but, in case of replacement, can be sold separately or in kit and the price varies from car to car. A clutch of a truck will always cost more compared to a light car. Depending on the brand and type, you can find a clutch from a few hundred euros. However, it should always take into account that these values do not count the manpower of a mechanical workshop. This is considered one of the most time-consuming parts to change and repair.


Should you repair or change the clutch?

When repairing the clutch, the mechanic has to know initially, what type of clutch we are talking about to work with the specific tools .Next, you should remove the oils  from the clutch with an oil bleeder. When most of the oil is removed, all screws connecting the gearbox to the clutch can be unscrewed. At this point, the clutch will be in sight and this is where    KrofTools’s specific tools for removing the clutches come in. When reattaching the clutch should ensure that it is well aligned so that everything fits perfectly.

Clutch and gearbox maintenance are essential  for your vehicle’s moving. Always make a smooth driving and, in case you feel that something is not well, go to your  mechanic.

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