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Customer support in the workshop: 6 Practical tips

Discover how you can improve your customer service and ensure your business success.

Good customer service is essential to ensure the success and sustainability of any business.

When it comes to customer satisfaction, an effective mechanical repair isn’t the only factor that matters. It is essential that every detail of the relationship you maintain with your customers is valued and cultivated from the very first contact.

There is a high probability that a satisfied customer will become a regular customer and recommend your workshop to his friends. Thus, it is crucial to invest in good service.


How important is good customer support?

Customer service is one of the most important pillars of a business.

A good service implies resources, time and money, all of which you may not have considered in your initial strategy. However, focusing on this point will allow you to stand out from the competition, while helping you build a good market reputation, attracting the attention of potential customers and encouraging your current ones to make new purchases.

A good service will help you:

  1. Increase customer loyalty;
  2. Boost the value that each customer can bring to your business;
  3. Create a trusting and lasting relationship with your target audience;
  4. Develop one of the most powerful and effective forms of marketing: referral marketing, which consists of promoting and recommending your services by your own customers.

There are many ways to ensure you are providing the best experience for your customers. Such strategies can include:

  • Understand their needs;
  • Hear their opinion;
  • Deliver on promises made;
  • Handle complaints in a professional manner;
  • Exceed their expectations.


6 tips that will improve your customer support service

Good customer service requires that you follow good practices, such as maintaining a positive and proactive attitude, and communicating clearly.

To provide good customer support, follow these six suggestions below:


1. Make a good first impression

Most people who come to your workshop don’t come for the best of reasons. That’s why it is important that you transmit the right attitude and a feeling of confidence.

Treat your customers with professionalism and let them know that they are in the right place to solve their problems.


2. Be an active listener

Some customers may feel the need to share all the details of the problem that made them come to your workshop. Take some time to listen to them.

This moment is not only important to understand your customer’s motivations and the problem that led him to you. It will also make them feel respected and valued.

When it is your turn to intervene, summarize your client’s questions or concerns to demonstrate that you have listened and understood.


3. Maintain a professional image and attitude

Physical appearance can affect how you do your job and how your customers see you.

Make sure your team is properly geared up when working. The use of uniforms conveys to your employees the feeling of belonging and allows your customers to realize that everyone is truly committed to the company and to providing a good service.



4. Avoid using very technical language

When communicating with your customers, be clear and avoid using technical terms that they are unlikely to understand. After a diagnosis, explain the problem clearly so that your customer understands everything you say.

Today’s consumers are quick to spot bad intentions, so avoid using specific language as they may feel that you are trying to deceive them. Describe clearly and concisely the repairs that are needed, while explaining the entire repair process.


5. Be transparent

Many people depend on their vehicles to keep their lives organized. This means that when they bring the car in for repair, they expect to receive an accurate estimate of how long the job will take to be completed.

Also remember that most people don’t have a household budget that allows them to spend a lot of money on repairs. Make sure to guide them through all the repair options available in your workshop.


6. Pay attention to feedback

An easy way to improve customer service is to pay attention to what customers say about you.

Not all of your customers will give you their opinion personally. Track reviews on Google My Business or your Facebook page and share them with your team, so they can continue improving customer service.

Responding to comments should also be part of your strategy. A good response can turn a lost customer into a loyal customer.

Don’t see your customers as just numbers, think of your customers as people and provide them an excellent service.

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