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Damaged Glow Plug Removal Set

In this article we want to show you how to use Kroftools’ Damaged Glow Plug Removal set.

Things get bad when it is necessary to remove a spark terminal from the engine head. But things get worst when the spark brakes and gets stuck on it.

However, KROFtools has a kit that not only allows you to remove the spark terminal, but is also equipped with special tools that allow you to remove the spark completly. Ready to see how it works? Let’s do it!

5 Steps to Using the Glow Plug Removal Kit

  1. Start by inserting with pression the tool supplied in the kit to break the spark terminal . The spark core (coal) will be accessible. Remove it with a plier.

2. Then use one of the special drills and stick the spark. After using the drill, be sure to vacuum all the spark debris

3. Use the male and make a thread on the spark.

4. Now screw the extraction tool suitable for the thread made. Screw it until the puller is in contact with the motor head.

5. To finish the extraction, at the top of the extractor, tighten the screw head. The center screw will keep the extraction tool screwed into the spark while the outer tool pushes it against the motor head, extracting the spark from its place.

With the right tools, all problems become simple to solve and this kit is no exception!

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