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Dent Pullers: How to use one on your car

A dent puller can be an important tool in any workshop, used to remove any dents on cars that have been in minor accidents.

Want to learn how to remove small dents? Keep reading!


What is a car dent puller?

A car dent puller is a tool used in garages that carry out car sheet metal repairs.

The tool allows you to remove dents in automobile bodywork sheet metal and plastic, as well as from bumpers.


How does a dent puller work?

Induction dent removal machines can be placed on a dented metal surface, heating the surface enough so as to allow the metal to be moulded.

Once hot, the metal tends to return to its original position.

However, in some cases, even after the procedure is carried out, the metal is still a few centimetres from its ideal location.

If this happens, mechanics must use slide hammers to apply the pressure required to fully remove the dent.


What types of dent pullers are there?

There are currently two types of car dent pullers available.

  • Induction dent removal machines;
  • Manual dent pullers.


Which dent pullers are available in the KROFtools catalogue?

The KROFtools catalogue contains the following dent pullers, which we would suggest using to remove any dents from your car:


  • 800w Paintless dent repair machine

Click on the image below to learn more about the Paintless dent repair machine 800w (Ref. 2490).


  • 5-Piece Dent Pulling Slide Hammer Kit 

Click on the image below to find out more about our 5-Piece Dent puller Slide Hammer Kit (Ref. 2492).


How to use a dent puller


Induction dent removal

To use an induction dent remover, mechanics should place the outlet mechanism on the dented plate and switch on the induction machine.

The output mechanism will then heat the dent in the vehicle, and the dent will begin to return to its original shape.

If working with deeper dents, you’ll also need to use a slide hammer along with the induction machine to get the sheet metal back to its original shape and remove any dents.


Manual dent puller

To use a KROFtools 5-Piece Dent Pulling Slide Hammer Kit, place the tip of the hammer on the dent and pull hard but carefully so as not to damage your car’s bodywork.

If you are not comfortable using these tools, ensure you take your car to your trusted car mechanic so as not to risk damaging your car.


What are the advantages of using a dent puller?

  • Ability to restore car sheet metal or plastic to its original shape;
  • Money savings, as you won’t have to buy a new bumper;
  • Avoiding using amateur dent-pulling methods that may damage your car’s bodywork;
  • It’s a quick process;
  • Preventing problems arising from having to repaint your vehicle (different shades of colours).



What are the disadvantages of using a dent puller?

  • May damage plastics and metal sheets if misused.


What should you be particularly careful of when using a dent remover?

  • Wear work gloves;
  • Wear protective glasses;
  • Follow your car manufacturer’s recommendations regarding each type of dent puller;
  • Carefully pull out the dent using a slide hammer;
  • Do not leave an induction dent remover on a metal plate for too long;
  • Switch off the induction dent remover once the job has been completed.


What should be done following car dent removal?

Once one or more dents have been removed from a car, vehicle owners are advised to polish their car’s paintwork and then repaint their vehicle.

A dent in a car’s bodywork can lead to some of the layers of paint on a car being damaged. As such, the area that was dented should be repainted.

And now you know that a dent remover is the perfect tool to remove small dents from cars.

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