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EGR Valve: Everything you need to know.6

One of the drivers´ biggest fears is hearing the mechanic saying that the car has EGR valve problems.

This component some headaches for car owners and mechanics. To prevent this from happening, you should clean it frequently. Want to know how? Continue reading the article!

What does the EGR valve do?

The EGR valve is responsible for the gas recirculation in any fuel-powered car. The acronym EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculationem) means recirculation of exhaust gases.

What is the EGR valve for?

The main function is to reduce the pollution from the vehicle exhaust gases as much as possible . This system, together with the particulate filter, helps each vehicle to comply with car pollution laws throughout the European Union.

How is the EGR system set up?

The EGR system consists of 3 components: the EGR valve, the control circuit, and the gas quantities devices.

  1. Where  is located

The EGR valve is located between the exhaust manifold and the intake manifold in the exhaust system. It is this component that causes the gases to return to the cylinders when the control circuit understands it.

  1. Control circuit

The control circuit is located next to the electronic control unit and it is the command center that operates the entire EGR system.

  1. Gas Management Devices

This devices are  found throughout the system, from the engine to the exhaust and transmit to the control unit the volume of polluting gases present in the system.

How does works?

The EGR valve operation begins in the gas management devices. They read and transmit to the control circuit the quantities that can be reset to the cylinders.

After this reading, the control circuit opens or closes the EGR valve. If the valve opens, there will be no gases movement into the cylinders. If the valve closes, the gases will re-enter in the cylinders.


Different types of EGR Valves?

  1. Pneumatic control

The Pneumatic EGR control valves are air controlled the most rudimentary ones. In this type of valves there are:

  • Single diaphragm valves.
  • Double diaphragm and positive backpressure valves.
  • Double diaphragm and negative backpressure valves.
  1. Electronic control

Electronic EGR control valves are those ones used in modern vehicles . It is a simple system and operates through a solenoid, just like the starter system. In this type of EGRvalve there is:

  • Digital EGR;
  • Linear EGR;
  • Step motor System.



How should I clean the EGR Valve?

Like the catalyst, it requires periodic cleaning. Cleaning the EGR valve helps to its proper functioning, prevents problems in other components and helps the environment.

Cleaning the valve can be done in two ways:

Both options are feasible .The first option is more time consuming, but allows a deeper cleaning.

On the other hand, cleaning it with a cleaning product is, in theory, simpler and faster.

EGR Valve failure symptoms

  • Warning Light on the Dashboard

When the engine light turns on the instrument panel it can be an indicator that the valve is dirty.

  • Unusual noises coming from the engine

When you hear noise similar to a dry hit coming from the engine it can be an indicator that the EGR valve is clogged.

  • Excessive fuel consumption

A clogged EGR valve can lead to increased engine stress and, consequently, increased fuel consumption.

  • Engine Overheating

The engine higher temperature is due to the effort required to bypass the barrier that prevents the normal gases release by the exhaust system.

  • Fuel odor

The fuel odor coming from inside the vehicle may mean that it is not being used in combustion.

  • The vehicle shuts down

With the EGR´valve clogged it is more difficult to increase engine revs.

What is the price ?

The EGR Valve price can start at 40 euros. If it is necessary to change the whole system, the value will be more than 300 euros.

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