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Exhaust Auto Repair: Essential tools

While several tools are essential in Exhaust Auto Repair, some are truly indispensable.

In addition to allowing the most common tasks to be carried out in this type of workshop, the right tools help improve the customer service provided, ensuring every client is satisfied.

Keep reading to find out the essential tools for any exhaust garage and their importance in the productivity of your business.


What is an exhaust?

A car exhaust is, in short, part of the exhaust system found in most vehicles with internal combustion engines. It is composed of:

The primary purpose of the system is to reduce noise and CO2 emissions, as well as those of other polluting gases.

This system is also key to improving a car’s overall performance. It is therefore essential that it is repaired whenever there is a problem.



What types of exhaust systems are there?

Generally speaking, the most common exhaust systems are:


  • Single exhaust systems

The single exhaust system is the cheapest and most commonly found system in most vehicles;


  • Back dual exhaust systems

Back dual exhaust systems can usually be found in sports cars and are used to make the sound produced by the engine more powerful;


  • Opposite dual exhaust systems

Opposite dual exhaust systems surround the wheel, making use of their camber to boost the filtering process. These are commonly found in towing vehicles with large loads;


  • Dual-side exhaust systems

Dual-side exhaust systems contain two adjacent pipes on one side;


  • High-performance exhaust systems

High-performance exhaust systems are among the most expensive systems. They do, however, do a more efficient job of filtering gases.


When should you take your vehicle to an Exhaust Auto Repair?

To ensure your vehicle is running correctly, it is important that you carry out preventive maintenance of your exhaust system every 20000 km.

However, the catalyst – a vital part of this system – must be changed on average every 100000 km, and the muffler every 80000 km.

In addition to these recommendations, you should take your car to an exhaust garage whenever:


How much does it cost to repair your exhaust system?

The price charged for repairing your exhaust system in a specialised garage depends on several factors, including the type of exhaust system in your vehicle and the services performed. However, the average price generally charged in an exhaust garage reaches hundreds of euros.

Given the importance of an exhaust system to the normal performance of any vehicle, it is important that you are familiar with the services provided by an exhaust garage.


What does an Exhaust Auto Repair do?

As such, a Exhaust Auto Repair that specialises in exhaust systems:

  • Assembles exhaust systems;
  • Installs custom exhaust systems;
  • Diagnoses problems and repairs exhaust systems;
  • Improves exhaust system performance;
  • Replaces exhaust system damaged or worn parts;
  • Performs regular maintenance, which includes cleaning and changing the oil in the various components of the exhaust system.

If you want to replace your motorbike exhaust, it is crucial you find a motorbike garage that specialises in exhaust systems, therefore ensuring that your motorbike complies with the law.

Otherwise, you could risk paying a fine starting at 250 euros or even being arrested.



How can you set up an Exhaust Auto Repair?

Setting up an exhaust garage requires planning and knowledge about the automotive sector and how vehicle exhaust systems work.

As such, there are certain steps you should follow to help you set up your own specialist exhaust garage:


  • Design your Exhaust Auto Repair using our 3D simulator

KROFtools has created an innovative technological tool for mechanic’s workshops, which allows for a real-time simulation of a garage’s entire work environment and equipment.

The tool enables professionals in the sector to design efficient ways to carry out their work and innovate their workplaces.

Visit the KROFtools website and design your garage.


  • Draft a detailed business plan

Include information such as location, garage size, equipment needed, services provided, and marketing strategy;


  • Choose a good location

Choose a location with plenty of passing vehicles that is accessible to your customers. Consider proximity to other vehicle-related businesses, such as an exhaust shop, car parts shop, or car dealers;


  • Get the necessary licenses

Get the necessary permits, including building permits, environmental permits, and business licenses;


  • Purchase the basic tools required for an Exhaust Auto Repair

Purchase the tools you’ll need for an exhaust garage, such as car lifts and diagnostic tools;


  • Hire qualified, experienced mechanics

Hire mechanics who can work efficiently;


  • Establish a good relationship with suppliers

Establish a good relationship with suppliers, specifically exhaust factories;


  • Build a marketing strategy

Build a marketing strategy to attract and retain customers, which includes advertising your services on specialised websites.


How important is it to have the right tools in an Exhaust Auto Repair?

Investing in quality tools is essential across all areas of mechanics, not least for exhaust garages, as the right tools are the only way to ensure:

  • Occupational safety;
  • Garage productivity;
  • Time and money savings;
  • The quality of the service provided.


Which items are available in the KROFtools catalogue for an Exhaust Auto Repair?

Considering the importance of the right tools in an exhaust garage, the KROFtools catalogue contains solutions that will make all the difference in the service you provide your customers with.



Pliers are essential tools for any exhaust garage, as they are used for tasks such as cutting, bending, and holding vehicle exhaust system parts and components.


Exhaust Pipe Clamp Pliers 



Exhaust pipe clamp pliers are ideal for use on PSA and Renault models.

Click on the image to find out more about our Exhaust pipe pliers (ref. 6185).


Exhaust Hanger Plier



Specially designed to remove rubber brackets from an exhaust system, as well as from exhaust pipes and mufflers.

These pliers have an automatic locking pin and 25-degree rubber non-slip handles so as to allow for easy access in restricted areas.

Click on the image to find out more about our Exhaust hangar plier (ref. 6188).


Chain Pipe Cutter 



These pliers have a clamping mechanism that provides pressure during use, therefore reducing user fatigue when executing tasks.

In addition, the tool can be used to cut plastic, copper, aluminium, and steel pipes.

Click on the image to find out more about our Chain Pipe Cutter (ref. 6178).


Other essential tools for an Exhaust Auto Repair

As for any garage, it is crucial that any exhaust garage has a 3-tonne floor hydraulic scissor lift (ref. 9815). Should there be a power outage, it can be manually lowered.

In addition, it is useful to have a 30-87mm Exhaust Tubes Separator (ref. 7105) and a Exhaust Tubes Separator 34-56mm (ref. 7100) compatible with major exhaust manufacturers.

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