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Fuel Additive: Yes or No?

A fuel additive is known to improve performance and to clean some components.

But is this a good supplement for a engine smooth operation? Find out all about it in this article.


What is a fuel additive?

A fuel additive or a diesel additive is a specific additive for petrol combustion engines used by specialised fuel retail companies or by the owner.

Combustion engines are known for accumulating debris inside the engine block, such as filings and other compounds. To ensure a proper engine operation we advise you to use these kinds of additives.


What is the function of a fuel additive?

  • Improve engine performance.
  • Decrease the levels of pollution produced by the engine.
  • To increase the engine’s longevity.
  • To prevent the accumulation of debris in key components, such as injectors, spark plugs and crankshafts.


What are the components present in a fuel additive?


  •  Anti-corrosion

This component protects against corrosion and rust caused by water.


  • Antioxidants

Antioxidants complement the previous function since they prevent the deterioration of the fuel stored and the formation of sediments in the fuel tank.


  • Detergent

The detergent component of the petrol additive keeps the fuel injection system clean and 100% operational


  • Lubricant

The engine works better with less friction as possible, so the lubricating compound in the additive helps with  that.



How to use the fuel additive?

A fuel additive can be used directly into the fuel tank, right after a fill-up.


Is petrol additive good?

Yes, it is advisable to use an additive in petrol, as it not only helps in the good maintenance of your vehicle, but also helps the environment.

Cars that use to be filled-up with lower-quality petrol, which is known for having a lot of debris, can be maintained in a better condition using this additive.


What other types of additives are there?

There are different types of gasoline engine additives and diesel engine additives. Within each of these ranges of additives there are products with different purposes. There are additives for:



What are the advantages of a fuel additive?

  •  Better engine cleaning and protection

An engine without debris inside is a healthy engine. With the help of the petrol additive, it is possible to eliminate impurities that can lodge inside the engine block.


  • Fuel economy and improved driving behaviour

The petrol additive helps a cleaner combustion, and the engine can move the vehicle at lower revs, saving fuel. Cleaner combustion will help the engine to maintain more stable revs and consequently lead to better driving behaviour.


  • Makes a better start

Some petrol cars have trouble on their first start. With the help of petrol car additives, the engine will start right away.


  • Environmentally friendly

An additive in petrol helps to clean the particulate filter. As this is a key component when it comes to pollution, it is important that it is clean.


Where can I buy a petrol additive?

A petrol additive can be bought in a petrol shop, a spare parts shop or in your mechanic. Make sure it is a specific additive for your car and that it meets the manufacturer’s standards.


What is the price of a petrol additive?

The price of a petrol additive is around 15.

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