Hose Reel: Why you should have one in your workshop

The Hose Reel is an essential equipment in a workshop. Find out in this article what different types of air hoses exist, what the functionality of each one and why you should have one in your workshop. Continue reading the article.


Hose Reels, what it is for?

The Hose Reel main function is the to be the extender between the beginning and end of the cable. Compatible with air, water and electric hoses


What are the advantages of using an Hose Reels?

  • Ease to transport.
  • Easy to hang on a wall, thanks to its support.
  • Easy to move the cable to any corner of the workshop.
  • Easy to store
  • Quick cable collection


What types of Hose Reels exist?

There are essentially 3 types:

  • Air Hose Reel ;
  • Water Hose Reel
  • Electric Hose Reel


Air Hose Reel

Air Hose Reels are a complement to an air compressor. In workshops it is quite common to have air systems around it. To reach, for example, a car tire you need an extender, and that’s where the air Air Hose Reel  comes in.

This equipment is compatible with all impact wrenches, pneumatic drills and all compressed air parts present in our catalogue.

KROFtools has Air Hose Reels with 4 different lengths –10, 12, 15 and 20 meters. All these models have a stand so that you can hang it on a wall and a handle to be moved inside the workshop.

Click on the image to learn more about the Air Hose Reel available in different lengths.


Water hose reel

The water hose reel, as the name implies, brings with it a hose that helps to bring the water hose  anywhere without pressure loss.

Click on the image to learn more about the water hose reels, available on our website. This specimen has a PVC hose (Polychloride vinyl) and withstands pressures up to 150 psi.


Electric hose reel

The electric hose reel is an electricity extension that allows you to connect any tool.

The plug has a power capacity of 1000W /3000W and voltage of 230V. This allows you to connect electric drills or even machines that require a high voltage.

Click on the image to learn more about the electric winder in question.



Other types of Hose Reels

In addition to the reels presented earlier, there are two more types in the KROFtools portefolio:

As the name implies, this equipment has a tube for oil, mass and water. In addition to its versatility it brings a 20M hose, which allows you to get anywhere without any problem.

This kit has a long air hoses set and an electric extension hose with 10 meters long.



Maintenance and cleaning care

To ensure a good maintenance to your equipment you should take into account the following:

  • When not in use, please turn off the input source.
  • The Hose Reels cannot be used to carry any chemical or substance;
  • When used for a long period of time, it is recommended to be stored in a cool, dry place
  • To clean the hose reels do not to use water to do it internally.


Why should you have a Hose Reels in your shop?

Hose Reels are important accessories in a workshop, as it allows air, water and electricity to reach any place in it without problems.

KROFtools offers a wide range of hose reels, meet them all on our website. It’s up to you to choose the one that best suits your needs!

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