GPS Para Carros

How do car GPS work?

Car GPS are becoming more and more popular in-vehicle infotainment systems.

This tool has proven useful, despite new smartphones being equipped with similar systems.

In this article, we’ll explain how car satnavs work, how much they cost, and how to install them. Keep reading!


What is a car GPS?

Car GPS are electronic systems that accurately detect the location of a vehicle, trace a route, and guide it to a different location.

Satnavs are also known as GPS, which stands for global positioning system.


What types of GPS are there?

There are currently 2 types of GPS:


  • Satnavs for cars

There are a variety of brands of car satnavs, such as Garmin, Tom-Tom, and Pioneer, among others.

These are considered the best satnav brands for cars, but ultimately, the choice is up to you.

These brands have specialised in producing car satnavs, providing drivers with the best driving experience while being easy to work.


  •  GPS Car Tracker

GPS car trackers are devices that indicate the position of a vehicle in real time, wherever it may be around the world.

The system works with a mobile data module and a GPS antenna that transmits the vehicle’s signal to a satellite

The system allows vehicle owners to find out where their car is in real time.

Read the following points to find out what a car satnav is for and how it works.



What is a car GPS used for?

Car GPS are used not only accurately to pinpoint the location of a vehicle but also to guide the way to a previously selected destination.

The system is mainly used by drivers of heavy international transport vehicles to drive on roads appropriate for heavy vehicles.


How do car GPS work?

Car GPS systems work by triangulating the signals sent out by a tracker, satellites, and GPS antennas.

Satellites in orbit communicate first with satnav antennas spread around the world. These antennas then calculate and synchronise the data available to them, sending all the information to the vehicle.

All these calculations are done almost supersonically, determining the exact location of the receiver.


Which features should be taken into account when buying a car satnav?

The characteristics to take into account when buying a car GPS are:

  • The price;
  • The number of country maps;
  • The battery capacity;
  • The size of the screen.



How do you install a car GPS?

To install a car GPS, follow the following steps:

  1. Select the right base for your car;
  2. Glue it onto the dashboard or vehicle glass;
  3. Check how stable the base is when undergoing any possible vibrations;
  4. Plug the car satnav charger into the cigarette lighter plug in your car.

You should unplug the cigarette lighter plug every time you park your car to avoid damaging your car battery or running it down.

To learn more about your car battery, check out our article How to charge your car battery: 3 Essential Tips.


How much does a car GPS cost?

The prices range from 70 to 500 euros. The price will, however, vary depending on the characteristics in question.


What is a motorcycle GPS?

Motorcycle GPS are produced by the same brands referenced above as producing car satnavs.

Though there are fewer options of bike satnav when compared to those available for cars, motorcycle satnavs can be useful for both short routes and longer trips between countries.

This GPS type usually contains several country maps and is generally certified as water- and dust-proof.

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