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How do you fix a cracked windscreen?

If you drive on roads regularly, you’ll know that you have as much chance of puncturing a tyre as you do of cracking your windscreen glass.

Unfortunately, these unforeseen circumstances can happen to anyone. As such, in this article, we’ll be providing all the information you need about how to repair car glass. Keep reading!


How might you crack your windscreen glass?

·   Stones or debris on the road surface

Stones or debris on the road surface are one of the main causes of windscreen cracks.

When a vehicle travels at above-average speeds on a motorway, debris on the road surface is projected towards the vehicle at high speeds, hitting vehicle components such as the bumpers, the windscreen, and fog lights before eventually bouncing back onto the road.


·   Debris dropped by lorries transporting sand

Lorries carrying sand and other rock compounds must be covered to prevent stones from falling onto the road surface.

Some of the covers used on these lorries allow for stones to fall out onto other vehicles, leading to windscreens cracking or even windscreen wipers being damaged.


·    Thermal shock

Thermal shock occurs when the temperature of glass changes very suddenly, causing windscreen glass to crack.

This may happen, for example, when a vehicle is parked in the sun for an entire day before its air conditioning is suddenly turned on at a much lower temperature. This produces a thermal shock and can lead to the windscreen cracking.

Can you drive with a cracked windscreen?

You should not drive your car if your windscreen is cracked, as this may endanger your safety and that of other passengers in the vehicle.

If your windscreen is cracked, you should take your car to a reliable mechanic or garage that specialises in repairing car glass.


How do you fix a cracked windscreen?

KROFtools would like you to note that the cracked windscreen repair kits shown in the following points should be used by specialist mechanics only.

1. Using a cracked windscreen repair kit

This kit contains a repair fluid that renders any crack invisible, keeping you safe until you can get your car to a mechanic or specialised workshop.

This cracked windscreen repair kit costs around 10 euros.

KROFtools recommends using this kit as a temporary measure only and not as a permanent solution.


2. Using a suction cup and film repair kit

You can choose to use a different repair kit made up of suction cups and films to repair your cracked car glass.

When you use this kit, place the suction cups on the crack and then fill the crack with the repair fluid.

Next, use the film to cover the crack and leave it in the sun for 20 minutes.

This solution costs around 100 euros but allows drivers to drive safely for another few kilometres.


Which tools should you use to remove windscreen glass?


What are the dangers of driving with a cracked windscreen?


1. Reduced visibility

A broken windscreen can directly affect a driver’s reaction time when emergency braking.

It’s not safe to drive any vehicle if cracked window glass obstructs your view of the carriageway.


2. Decreased structural stability

One of the main functions of a car’s front windscreen is to increase car roof stability in the event of an accident.

In the event of a high-impact car crash, it is the windscreen that prevents the roof from sinking into the car and onto the seats.


3. Rendering the airbag system ineffective

In general, airbag systems are activated against the front windscreen, and if the windscreen is damaged in any way, it is unlikely to work properly.


4. ADAS system

Broken glass can damage the ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) and lead to errors registering in the car’s electric control unit.


How much does a new windscreen cost?

New windscreen car glass prices can start from as low as 80 euros, though prices can easily exceed €1000, depending on the vehicle in question.


How much does it cost to repair a windscreen?

The average price of repairing a windscreen comes to around 90 euros.

If your car insurance includes glass damage, any repair costs will be covered by your insurer.


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