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How to clean the car mats

Car Mats can accumulate a lot of dirt and debris, such as powders  or sands since they are stepped on whenever the driver enters the vehicle. In this article we explain how you can clean them without much effort. Continue reading the article!

Auto Mats

Car mats are used on the carpet that runs through the entire “floor” of the vehicle.

There are several types of car mats present on the market, but before that there are some precautions to consider:

  • Avoid carpets with universal fittings;
  • Avoid carpets with water lodged, as they can give rise to fungi, bad odors and even rust.
  • Avoid slipping car mats as they can jam the accelerator pedals, brake  and clutch and putting car passengers in danger.

What are the different types car mats?

  1. Fabric floor mats

The fabric floor mats are made of fabric and have a rubber part  in contact with the floor to not slip.

This type of carpets are the most accessible on the market and exist in different sizes, and can be purchased in any auto parts store

However, this type of car mats are the least durable, since after a few months they start to wear.

  1. Rubber mats for cars

As a rule, rubber mats are present in cars with off-road capabilities. This type of carpets is not as beautiful as those ones made with fabric, but in return it is the most durable. In addition, they do not slip or obstruct the pedals ..

  1. Vinyl mats

Vinyl mats are suitable for any season and are characterized by their thick vinyl shape.  This shape makes the carpet longer lasting compared to rubber ones. Its back has springs to fix them avoiding any slippering.

  1. 3D Auto mats

The 3D auto mat is without a doubt the most luxurious on the market and the best option to not pass debris to the vehicle. Unlike normal carpets, which are made in pre-defined measures, this type of carpet is tailor-made for each car and has in its composition high-end polymers.


How to wash car mats

Before cleaning choose a cleaning product suitable for your carpet type. Otherwise, it may damage the rubbers and the fabrics .

What do I need to have?

Now that you have in mind the products you need, let’s explain how to wash the carpets in the car. First, we will explain how to clean rubber mats and, after that, we will explain how to clean fabric mats.

How to clean rubber mats

  1. Remove the mats.
  2. Remove the pieces with the most dirt with the vacuum cleaner.
  3. Use cleaning gun with the air compressor or the water pressure machine for washing;
  4. Brush the dirtiest parts.
  5. Clean all foam with water.
  6. Dry the mats.

How to clean fabric mats

  1. Remove the ats
  2. Vacuum both sides.
  3. Add specific cleaner;
  4. Brush until you remove all the dirt.
  5. Pass water to remove everything.
  6. Let it dry.


What care should I take when cleaning mats?

  • Pay attention to chemicals

Chemicals can damage carpets self.

  • Do not place the auto mats in washing machines

Placing mats in the washing machine may damage the fixing springs

  • Do not let the car mats dry in the sun

The sun lengthens rubber mats and bends the fabric mats.

  • Check vacuum cleaner cleaning hose

A vacuum cleaner with in poor condition can leave cracks in the car mats.

  • Use a specific brush for self-made carpets

A rough brush can damage the mats

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