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Kroftools Hub Extractor Kit: How to use

Hub Extractor kit

The KrofTools Hub Extractor Kit is a very versatile tool that allows you to remove any type of cube, from any vehicle, in any situation that might occur in our workshop.

This Hub Extractor Kit is composed by 3 extractors: (1) Hammer handle, (2) Pressure screw and (3) Hydraulic Screw.

In this illustrative article, we show you the best way to use each of them.

“Hammer” handle: use

For more complicated situations, such as rusty cubes or larger cubes, it is recommended to use the “hammer” handle.

1. First, it is necessary to install the adapter in the cube. The hub adapter has holes combinations that suit in any type of 3, 4, 5 and 6 bolts.

2. Adjust the part of the adapter with the thread, then the hammer rod and finally tighten the female to lock the rod.

3. Insert the 3kg hammer into the rod and tighten the handle at the end.

4. After a few attempts, the cube should exit.

Pressure screw: usage

For smaller wheels or applications, the pressure screw is the ideal.

Screw the pressure screw on the part of the adapter and apply a constant force (torque) to the screw until the hub is removed.

Hydraulic Screw: Usage

If there is little room to use the hammer handle or if its use damages any parts, the hydraulic screw is the right choice.

1. Always install the cover to create a cushion between the hub and the screw.

2. If the hydraulic screw is not compatible with the hub adapter, use the required adapter part.

3. Applying constant torque, the hydraulic screw applies up to 10 tons of force.

4. Must be able to remove any cube… Even the most stubborn cubes!

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