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Hydraulic Jack: What types and what are they for?

Anyone who works in a mechanical workshop knows the importance of having a hydraulic jack around. This tool raises, without any effort, any side of a car so that it is possible to work underneath it. Find out in this article what are the different types of hydraulic jacks  what is the purpose of each one and some safety tips to adopt when using them.


What are the types of hydraulic jack for car?

There are 4 types of hydraulic jacks: bottle jackswheeled jacks, transmission jacks and hydropneumatic jacks. This last one is hydraulic and pneumatic.

In order to give you a clear perspective we will clarify the advantages that each  KROFtools Jacks making your choice easier.


Bottle Jack

The bottle jack is the least complex  but it is the one that performs best in more basic situations. If you’re looking for a hydraulic jack to carry in your car’s boot, the bottle jack is the right choice.


  • Attractive price.
  • Easy to transport;
  • Simple design and reduced size
  • It can reach a considerable height;
  • We have several models, with different capacities. See here.

Click on the image below to learn more about the bottle jack (reference 4720), that safely supports up to 20 tons of weight.



Wheeled Jack

The wheeled jack is the one that we are use to see often in the workshops. This type of jack makes all kinds of lifts, whether in light or heavy cars. Being a jack with longer length it can reach with relative tranquility the vehicle chassis brackets that are inside the bodywork.


  • Lowered to be able to lift any type of vehicle.
  • Easy of transport.
  • Replaceable  rubber base;
  • We have several models, with different capacities. See here.

Click on the image below to learn more about the wheeled jack (reference 4905), that safely supports, up to 3.5 tons of weight.



Transmission Jack

To deal witn in the removal and installation of a transmission, a support is indispensable .This is where the transmission jack comes in.


  • Ability to withstand, with all safety, a maximum load of 500kg.
  • Provides a high level of stability and safety transmission support

Click on the image below to learn more about the transmission monkey (reference 4825).



Hydropneumatic Jack

Finally, we have the hydropneumatic jack, which as mentioned above, is hydraulic and pneumatic. This jack despite being the heaviest and the most expensive, compared to those previously presented , brings with it the safety of a pneumatic system allied to an unprecedented force.

This jack can be transported from one side to the other thanks to its wheels and can be purchased in different sizes, always according to your needs.


  • Ability to lift heavy vehicles;
  • Easy to transport;

Click on the image below to learn more about the hydropneumatic monkey (reference 4812).


7 Advices

All tools that are handled within a workshop must comply with a set of safety standards and hydraulic jacks are no exception. Here are 7 precautions you should take:

  1. As they are lifting devices, they should be used in short time.
  2. Do not move or swing the vehicle while it is on the jack
  3. If you are going to keep the  vehicle up, use jacks stand or other appropriate means;
  4. Do not overload the jack as it may cause damage or failures;
  5. Lift only in areas of the vehicle specified by the manufacturer, with suitable adapters, if necessary;
  6. The jacks are designed for use on flat surfaces, capable of sustaining the load. Use on unleveled surfaces may result in instability and possible load loss.
  7. It should not stay under the vehicle while the hydraulic jack is the only support.
  8. When you are replacing the hydraulic jack wear parts (wheels, rubbers, and more), use only genuine factory spare parts;

Failure to comply with all these notices may result in personal injury or property damage.



What’s a hydraulic jack for?

The hydraulic jack has different functions, since each type of jack is thought for different situations. However, in some situations all types can be used. Let’s go in parts.

If you have a puncture in a tyre and want to repair it on the side of the road or even replace it for the spare tyre, you should use the bottle monkey, not only for the ease of having the jack in the boot of your car, but also for the easier use of it.

Thinking about the same situation with a tire puncture.  If you can move the vehicle safely to a workshop nearby it would be changed differently. In this situation, the wheeled jack would be chosen to lift the car in order to remove the wheel and change the tire or repair the hole.

The hydraulic jack is essential in the workshop context, not only for the various uses to replace tires, wheels and brake pads, but also because it is an indispensable tool when placing a vehicle on the jacks stand for a considerable period of time.

Product safety and quality should be the most important factors when deciding which equipment to buy.

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