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KROFtools Injector Extractor Washer: How to use

Today we bring you this article that will help you use our Injector Extractor Washer.

Sometimes simple jobs can become challenging. A copper washer attached to the motor is undoubtedly a good example.

The copper washer is absolutely crucial to ensure a good seal between the injector and the motor.  Therefore, it is really important that you replace the copper washer.

Read on and find out how best to use this tool.


3 simple steps to extract the washer from a gun

KrofTools Injector Extractor  Washer couldn’t be easier to use. Follow the steps that follow and ensure a perfect job.


1. Insert the tool into injector´s cavity and make sure it goes through the washer;

2. Turn the top handle clockwise until you feel some resistance.

3. Pull the tool until the washer is removed from the cavity.

To have a tool tip opening reference, use the new copper washer.

If you are a manager of a mechanical workshop or already have experience in the automotive industry, you know how this tool will save you a lot of headaches.

Watch this video tutorial and enjoy subscribing to our YouTube channel, where you will find other videos about more KROFtools products.


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