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LED Flashlight: A must in your workshop

Luminosity is one of the most important aspects in a mechanical workshop. Working with better visibility clearly brings better results. The ideal luminosity to use, in which areas and why we should use is not easy to know and therefore we created this article. To give you the better use  tips for your Led Flashlight KROFtools.


Types of LED  Flashlights

There are several types of led flashlights present in kroftools’ wide range of options. They have since the universal flashlight for each case, as the most specific for a less usual situation.

The most common types of LED flashlight are those that have 360° rotating hooks and magnets at the ends to place on any metal surface. These are the most used for having these  fixings  meaning that it can be put anywhere.

Within the most common are the head flash light,   as the name implies, is placed on the head so that it illuminates the surface to look.Flashlights of this type are indispensable in a mechanical workshop.

A less common flashlight is, for example, the hood flashlight. This type of more specific flashlight  has the function of illuminating the workspace in the engine for as long as possible.



Innovation and safety of  LED flashlights

Nowadays, there is no lamp more efficient and  that illuminates as much as the LED flashlights This way,  KROFtools uses only led flashlights for longer operating time between loads and maximum visibility. Evolution from wired halogen flashlight  to wireless LED one is easily

A smaller amount of energy can be used for longer (greater energy efficiency) and with smaller batteries.

As far as safety is concerned, the fact that the LED flashlight does not need wires is a point in favour. In addition, it also helps with mobility without having to disconnect and connect from electrical sources.

All KROFtools LED flashlights  have built-in magnets so you can place on metal surfaces with the highest safety. There are also adapter options for specific sites such as wired and  wireless   hood kits. The 360° rotating hooks present in these products help with attachment in any area of the car.



Running time and load of the LED flashlight

The working time of each LED flashlight  always depends on the mode in which the flashlight is located. If the flashlight is at its maximum power it will certainly last less time.

Another important factor in battery life is the type of flashlight  it is. In the case of the LED gambiarra that has 360° rotating hooks and magnets, these have lithium batteries of 2600mAh that take 4 hours to have a full charge in a normal plug. The duration of this same battery in a normal mode is about 4h but if we use the top light only, it has a durability of 10h.

Now moving on to the head flashlight , it has a battery of 2000mAh that gives you 5h of operation and only needs 4h for a 100% charge.

Finally, the hood flashlight  with 500 Lumens and with a battery of 2600mAh, has a charge time of less than 4h in its charging dock and a time of use of more than 5h.

To make better use of the battery of your LED flashlight  you should use the original charger and USB  cable  included in the box and not portable chargers.

These are the options made available by KROFtools. Here you can check which ones best suit your needs .

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