LED Flashlight for Car Garages: The Best Options

Light is one of the most important tools in a car workshop. As such, an LED Flashlight is an essential tool.

Working with improved visibility provides excellent results, but the secret is using the right light for each task. This prevents accidents or unnecessary expenses and improves the precision with which mechanics are able to work.

Keep reading this article to find out what a headlamp is, what it’s for, and the models available for your car workshop.


What is an LED Flashlight?

A headlamp is a electric tool that allows you to illuminate a work area thanks to its high-power batteries and ability to adapt to various positions of use.


What is an LED Flashlight Used For?

LED headlamps are useful in various situations, both professionally and for everyday tasks.


What Types of LED Flashlight Are There?

The most common types of LED Flashlight are those that have 360° rotating hooks and magnets on the tips that allow them to be placed on any metal surface. These are the most commonly used because they are easy to attach anywhere.

Among the most common is the headlamp, which, as the name implies, is placed on the head of the user, illuminating the surface they are looking at and making them indispensable to any car garage.

However, there are also other types of workshop LED lights, such as the under, which light up the working space within the engine for as long as possible.


What is the Operating Time of an LED Flashlight?

The operating time of each LED headlamp always depends on the setting you’re using.

If the headlamp is at maximum power, its battery is going to last less time.

An important factor when considering battery life is the type of battery.



How long does it Take to Charge an LED Flashlight?

A 2600mAh lithium battery takes approximately 4 hours to fully charge from a normal plug.

Headlamps are fitted with a 2000mAh battery, which also takes 4 hours to reach a 100% charge.

Finally, a 500-lumen hood lamp with a 2600mAh battery has a charging time of less than four hours on its charging dock.


What are the Advantages of Using an LED Flashlight?

This tool provides several benefits, such as:

  • Detailed lighting: allows mechanics to inspect specific areas of the vehicle in more detail, such as engines, narrow compartments, or hard-to-reach places;
  • Identifying problems: helps identify leaks, damage or electrical problems by providing targeted, strong lighting;
  • Thorough inspection: to evaluate damage or wear to parts such as belts, hoses, and electrical connections, among others;
  • Security: improves working conditions, especially in low-light areas, reducing risks of accidents caused by lack of visibility;
  • Portability and practicality: a small, portable tool, it is easy to carry and use in different areas of a garage, adapting to various work situations, especially when it is not possible to use an LED projector.



Where can you buy an LED Flashlight?

You can buy a quality mechanical headlamp from any official KROFtools dealer.


Which LED Headlamps are available in the KROFtools catalogue?

To allow you to provide your customers with the best service possible, the KROFtools catalogue contains three types of headlamps: hood worklight, COB LED headlamps, and SMD LED headlamps.

To help you out, keep reading to find out the main models you should keep in your toolbox.


Battery Leds Lamp



Use this headlamp to get a lumin output of 180lm/60lm that lasts between 3 hours (2W COB) and 10 hours (3SMD).

Click on the image to find out more about our Battery LED Lamp (ref. 1062).


3 LED Rechargeable Foldables Pocket Slimlight



This rechargeable LED lamp allows you to enjoy two high-power lighting modes on the front and rear lights.

It has multiple lighting modes, such as 200lm front full power mode or 180LM Front ECO Lighting mode.

Click on the image to find out more about our 3 LED Rechargeable Foldables Pocket Slimlight (ref. 1089).


3W COB LED Work Light



Perfect for use for a maximum time of between 4 and 6 hours, with its main LED producing 200-300lm.

It has two 360º rotating hooks and two magnets, so you can use and fix this lamp wherever works best for you.

Click on the image below to find out more about our 3W COB LED Work Light (ref. 1097).


176 LED Lamp For Car Hood



This workshop LED lamp has 176 LEDs and a lumen output of 1300 lumens.

Click on the image below to find out more about our  176 LED Lamp for Car Hoods (ref. 1054).


6W COB LED Worklight With Charging Station



This LED lamp provides efficient lighting and has a maximum power of 600LM, a 2600mAh Li-ion battery, a quick charge in 4 hours and IP54 resistance.

Click on the image below to find out more about our 6W COB LED Worklight With Charging Station with Dock (ref. 1087).


Which precautions should you take when working with a Headlamp or Inspection Lamp?

To ensure occupational safety, you should follow some recommendations, such as:

  • Avoid looking directly at the light, especially if it is very bright;
  • Hold the lamp securely and avoid dropping it, as this may damage the light or batteries;
  • Store the lamp in a dry, safe place to avoid damage or accidents;
  • Avoid using it near flammable materials, as intense light can cause unwanted chemical reactions.

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