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LED Projectors: The best options for your garage

To improve the working conditions of any garage, it’s essential to ensure proper lighting conditions. As such, an LED projector is a necessary piece of equipment.

Firstly, it’s important to note that each garage will have its own, individual lighting needs, so there are various solutions on the market to meet these needs.



Which lighting options are available for a car garage?

Generally speaking, the main lighting options that should be taken into account when opening a car garage are:


  • Industrial LED hood

An industrial LED hood lights up large spaces with low energy consumption. However, when used in a repair shop or mechanic’s garage, it may not be strong enough to illuminate specific vehicle parts.


  • LED bulbs

Perfect for lighting any workbench, LED lamps allow mechanics to locate their toolbox, for example.


  • LED torch

An LED torch helps illuminate specific parts of a vehicle.


  • Articulated LED headlamp

An LED headlamp has 360° rotating hooks with magnets on the tips, allowing it to be placed on any metal surface. This makes it useful when you need a fixed light on the car component you are looking at.


  • LED projector or floodlight

An LED floodlight is more efficient than traditional options, as the bright light it produces spreads over a large area and over long distances. It has a longer service life and is resistant to both moisture and corrosion.

It also has a high IP rating.



What is an LED projector?

LED projectors, or LED floodlights, are high-quality equipment that provides high-power lighting, especially for commercial and industrial uses.

In addition to providing excellent quality professional lighting, these projectors require little energy compared to conventional halogen reflectors. Depending on its purpose, you can opt for an outdoor or indoor LED projector.

The most commonly used in mechanical workshops are indoor projectors, especially portable ones, as they are easy to transport.


What is the purpose of an LED projector?

Beyond lighting up the work area of a mechanic’s garage, LED floodlights:


Which LED projectors are available in the KROFtools catalogue?

Considering that LED projectors are indispensable power tools to any car garage, the KROFtools catalogue contains models with various wattages and characteristics.

From rechargeable LED projectors to portable projectors, find out which equipment is available and determine the best projector for your workshop.


50W COB LED Rechargeable Floodlight



Nearby plugs aren’t always available when you need to illuminate a particular area in a car garage. Therefore, there’s no better option than a portable LED projector.

When at maximum power, the projector has a lighting mode that lasts 1h30m (4300LM). In normal mode, its battery lasts 3h at 2200LM, and in ECO mode, it can run for 6h at 1100LM.

Click on the image to find out more about our 50W COB LED Rechargeable Floodlight. (Ref.1088)


Tripod for Spotlight



To expand the area you are lighting, use the floodlight tripod stand, which has a minimum height of 720mm and a maximum height of 1600mm.

Click on the image to find out more about our Tripod for Spotlight. (Ref.1052)


Projector 50W LED Cable 5M



Fitted with a 50W SMD LED bulb, this projector has a brightness of 4000LM and a colour temperature of 6500K. In addition, it has 3 230V (16A) electrical outlets.

Click on the image to find out more about our Projector 50W LED Cable 5M. (Ref.1058)


50W COB LED Projector With Battery



If you’re looking for an indoor LED projector for your garage, this portable option is ideal for illuminating hard-to-reach areas. This tool gives you the brightness you need to carry out all necessary repairs.

Click on the image to find out more about our 50W COB LED Projector With Battery. (Ref.1046)

Prices vary depending on the brand and characteristics of the projector you need, such as its power requirements and lumens emitted, as well as whether it is fixed or portable.


How much is an LED projector?

A fixed garage LED projector costs, on average, hundreds of euros. Where portable models are concerned, prices vary between tens and hundreds of euros.

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