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7 Machine shop equipment you need to purchase

Discover the 7 pieces of equipment that cannot be missing from your machine shop.

If you are a professional mechanic or if you have an auto workshop at home to repair your own vehicle from time to time, you’ll need appropriate auto repair equipment to ensure good results.

Tools and equipment are important to ensure a good performance while doing car repairs and maintenance services. If you don’t have the right equipment in your workshop, you will definitely face some problems sooner or later.

That is why your workshop must be properly equipped with a good range of tools from day one. We compiled a list of tools and equipment for auto workshops that we want to share with you.


7 Machine shop equipment you need to purchase

The goal of many qualified auto mechanics is to open their own workshop. However, opening and setting up an efficient and profitable workshop requires much more than improving mechanical skills.

It is essential to have a set of tools and equipment to ensure that the work is done quickly and effectively.

The workshop equipment you will need to get your workshop ready to work (or to start working better) may include:


1. Air compressor

If you don’t have one already, you need to invest in a reliable air compressor to operate many auto tools in your workshop, including pneumatic hand tools and some automatic lifts.

Get a compressor with a good capacity to make sure you have the necessary power to meet your customers’ needs.


2. Battery charger

Often, auto workshop jobs involve discharged batteries or charging problems.

It is important that your workshop has a good battery charger to handle these services.


3. Transmission jack

With a transmission jack it is much easier and more efficient to maintain and replace a transmission.

Jacks may have different maintenance capabilities and requirements. Buy one that can meet the needs of the services you offer and that is suitable to a variety of brands and weights.



4. Spring compressor

A good spring compressor will be extremely useful for repairing suspension systems.

Having this equipment in your workshop will help improve services and, consequently, make your customers happy.


5. Trestles

Most car repairs will need to lift the vehicle, at least temporarily. Therefore, you will use a jack regularly.

To support the vehicle after it has been lifted, you should use a trestle.


6. Crane for engine

To repair, rebuild or replace car engines, it is essential that you invest in a crane.

There are several models, so make sure you buy the crane that best suits your needs.


7. Vehicle lifts

Auto lifts are a fundamental equipment in any workshop. They ensure more comfort, speed and safety in any job.

There are several types of lifts. Make sure you buy the lift that best suits your needs at a reliable auto parts store, in order to ensure the availability of necessary parts and services, as well as good after-sales support.

Lifts are an important investment for your workshop.

In addition to the 7 workshop equipments we have highlighted, you should also consider buying:
● Oil vacuum cleaner
● Brake bleeder
● Stripping machines
● Part’s washing machine
● Creeper
● Lights

There is a lot of auto workshop equipment: some is fundamental, some not so much. Safety and product quality are two of the most important factors when deciding which equipment to buy.

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