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Mechanical Workshop: The impact of technology on its operation

The workshop as we know no longer exists. The technological breakthroughs of recent times have completely transformed it, and will continue to do so.

As the technology evolves, the workshops are in constant readaptation, which represents a great challenge, but also creates many opportunities. But, after all, what kind of changes are we talking about? Read more to find out.


How has technology changed the workshop?

Outdated methods of manufacturing, optimization and repairing vehicles have been replaced by innovative, efficient and attractive technological methods.

This helped the industry grow with the opening of several auto workshops around the world. Repairing automobiles has become easier, faster and more efficient.

Find out what type of technological advances we are talking about, and how they impacted the workshop and its operations.


1. Animated car repair videos

Technology helped to develop an animated car repair video system that exposes and explains, in detail, the issues or problems of any vehicle.

Customers love to hear a brief summary of what happened to their vehicles and what kind of service they are actually paying. With this new system, mechanics can quickly and clearly explain the repair process through a video. This adds more value to the entire process and helps customers better understand the value that is charged to them.

These videos can also be very useful for mechanics, allowing them to teach their apprentices or beginners on how to repair vehicles regardless of the damage presented.


2. More efficient diagnosis

A good auto workshop uses technology to its advantage, and relies on an innovative and efficient diagnostic process that makes everything easier.

Finding the source of any malfunction by simply opening the bonnet of most vehicles can be quite tricky. That’s why self diagnostic tools have been a great technological achievement.

These tools are used to determine the cause of any problem through the car’s control unit (ECU). Using this professional scanner can save you a lot of time, especially when you can’t move the car’s components. In just a few minutes, you can find what the car’s problem is without having to test each part individually, and avoiding dozens of trial and error tests, as it was standard before this new technology appeared.

The auto diagnostic scanner can pinpoint any problem and help you understand how you can repair it efficiently, saving you time and effort.



3. Online reservations

Auto workshops have evolved a lot in the last few decades. Thanks to technological progress, customers started booking car repair services without having to go to the workshop. Nowadays, considering that we are experiencing a worldwide pandemic, this is particularly beneficial.

This innovation was – and continues to be – highly effective, since it saves a lot of time and increases customer satisfaction levels. When customers feel they are getting a return on the investment they’ve made with the services they have requested, their loyalty to the auto workshop will significantly increase.


4. Mobile Apps

Software solutions and mobile apps can also make the job of a workshop much easier.

Some apps provide all the information you need to know about a specific auto part in a car, common breakdowns and their solutions. This can streamline multiple procedures, giving mechanics valuable information with just a few clicks.

This information was previously obtained through phone calls, long hours of surfing the internet or even by contacting more experienced mechanics. But, thanks to these new technologies, this process has been significantly transformed and simplified.

Through these apps, mechanics can order different auto parts directly, after understanding the breakdowns of a vehicle. They can place the order and receive it at a specific date and time at their auto workshop.

In some cases, they can even get everything ready to repair a customer’s car before it arrives, by checking the reservation details and ordering the needed replacement parts.

This significantly increases productivity levels, while also promoting the satisfaction and loyalty of customers.

Surprisingly, technology has improved many sectors, and the automotive industry and vehicle workshops are no exception. The technological progress has definitely helped workshops reach a higher level of success.

The long years of hard work, oil in the hands and long hours repairing cars, were worth it. Auto technology now allows you to innovate, optimize your work and repair any vehicle in a faster and more efficient way.

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