Merchandising: It´s importance to increase sales

Discover how Merchandising techniques can help increase sales.

Merchandising is essential for the growth and profitability of any business.

Competition is fierce, so, following the same strategy as your competitors is not the most effective way to stand out. It is necessary to go further, realize what are the real needs and anxieties of your target audience and communicate with them clearly and objectively.

For this, it is essential to know some techniques in order to draw a foolproof strategy.

Are you ready to start selling more?

Read on and find out what merchandising is and how this tool can help you.


What is merchandising?

Is a marketing tool composed by a set of techniques responsible for promoting and presenting your products at the point of sale. Well implemented these techniques enhance the dissemination of your brand, products, and services.

In both physical and digital stores, there is a variety of techniques used to organize products and services, communicate their value and provide the ideal customer experience.


What are the advantages of merchandising?

Among the advantages we highlight the following:

1. Attracting new customers

Can increase the number of customers who recognize your company and have interest on it. With the traffic increase, an increase in sales level is expected.


2. Increase sales

Effective merchandising can have a clear and definitive positive effect on sales. Pricing, packaging, promotions and space organization are some of the elements that can drive sales while improving your customers’ shopping experience.


3. Attractive space

In the case of physical stores, proper merchandising may require the reorganization of aisles, shelves, display accessories, and the overall layout of the internal and external space.

Internal spaces should flow easily, directing the consumer to important items and more relevant views.

What are the most important types?

Before implementing the actions outlined in your strategic plan, it is necessary to know the most important types:


1. Visual Merchandising

Is closely linked to the sense of vision. It can be defined as all activities used to display the product and highlight is characteristics.

Visual merchandising activities can be created by leveraging the available space, using different types of lighting and design.

Remember that the most important thing is that the space attracts your customer and keeps them comfortable.


2. Point-of-sale merchandising

Here the goal is the communication of a particular product to be noticed by the consumer. This type is done through promotional display, using shelves and other devices.

There is also what´s called the “merchandising outside the point of sale”, which are communication actions that use fast-distribution promotional materials – such as t-shirts, pens or notepads with the brand’s logo – that helps to reinforce the brand image and make the company more often remembered.


3. Merchandising digital

Digital merchandising is a term used in the market to define the sale of products on digital platforms. Includes all kinds of activities used to promote products on the Internet.

When we refer to merchandising, we talk about subtle and implicit mentions of a product or service.


4. Merchandising editorial

Editorial Merchandising is also known in the market for Product Placement.

It is characterized by the display of products in television productions such as movies, soap operas, reality shows or other programs.

Like the previous one, this type of merchandising is different from advertising. It is usually done in a subtle way for the viewers or the potential customers familiarize themselves with the product and the brand.

Merchandising strategies should be used for different purposes, such as increasing sales, promote customer loyalty, increase brand awareness or in-store consumer traffic.

If you want to make an accurate use of techniques stay tuned to the needs of your audience, listen to your customer, evaluate your competition, monitor constantly the results you are getting and consider hiring professional services that help you achieve your goals faster, cheaper and with less risks associated.


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