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3 People management tips that will make you a better manager

Do you know how to management people? Discover 3 essential tips that will take your business to another level.

Do you know how to properly manage people?

Whether you are an administrator, a CEO, the new manager or an employee, knowing how to work with people is critical to succeed in any job.

Knowing how to manage people and all their peculiarities, motivations and ambitions is crucial to succeed in your work and also a very important part of the company’s success.

We even dare to say that this is the most important component of any company. After all, without people it wouldn’t work.


People management: how to improve your managing skills

Fortunately, people management skills can be learned and improved, whether you are a manager in the early stages of your career or someone with many years of experience in the job market.

Although these skills take some time (and dedication) to master, improvements can be made at any time.

Take note of the 3 people management tips that we have prepared for you and that we consider essential for the success of any business:


1. Listen carefully to the people who work with you

Hearing is easy, but listening requires time, availability and a genuine interest.

When someone is talking to you, you should be attentive, maintain eye contact, take notes and wait for the other person to finish before starting speaking.

The trick to become a good listener includes keeping an open mind and avoiding hasty conclusions or judgments before or during conversations.

This means that you should not assume what an employee is thinking or what the problem is. Put your beliefs aside and ask questions that you genuinely want to have answered in order to find the right solution.

If people who work with you feel that their problems and ambitions are heard, they will feel happy and motivated.



2. Keep a good balance between criticism and praise

Although it may seem easier to praise than to criticize, in the real world criticism happens more often, and not always in a constructive way.

Employees need a balance between praise and criticism in order to feel motivated, to be able to improve their work and to prosper.

If you only praise the good work of your employees, it will not help them grow. If you just criticize them, you will demoralize them.

However, you should always give more praise than criticism. And that doesn’t mean you’re going to lie or be dishonest. It is about recognizing when, where and how to praise.

Your employee efforts must be rewarded regularly. Public or private praise and recognition awards are people management tools that generate self-confidence, motivate the team and boost productivity.

Criticism, as praise, must be timely. Instead of simply pointing out mistakes, good managers will give good feedback, will help their employees find solutions to overcome their weaknesses and thus improve their skills.

Assist employees in setting new goals, show them you believe in their abilities and that you’re willing to help them. Always remember to start and end conversations with a positive note.


3. Never end a meeting without asking a key question

Any kind of meeting should always end with this question: “Is there anything else you want to say?” Or “Would you like to add anything else before we finish?”.

You should always give your employees an opportunity to ask for help or share opinions instead of having to wait until the next meeting.

This is an easy way to win the trust of your employees and to be a better manager. It shows that you care and that you truly want to know what they think and what their ambitions are – even if that is not part of the meeting agenda.

People management depends on interpersonal relationships and building those relationships at each meeting is a great way to connect with people.

A good manager is proactive and is always attentive to the needs of his workplace and his employees.

The people who work with you and for you will not immediately find a solution to all issues and the perfect way to maximize your company’s profits. It is up to you to guide them because, as a leader, people management is absolutely crucial.


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