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Does product quality matter? Check 5 facts

The quality of a product refers to how well it performs its intended function, and also how well it maintains itself over time. Some consumers attribute quality to price, while others value a product because it is more recent or innovative.

Regardless of the different points of view, product quality is a competitive advantage to all brands, as it affects consumer’s purchasing decisions and company’s profits.
Below, you can understand why you should not ignore the quality of your product:


1. Establish a trusting relationship with your customers

Many people believe that companies cannot succeed if they do not build a relationship of trust with their customers. If you are thinking about opening your own business, such as a workshop, this is a step you cannot skip.

This can lead to a potential loss in sales, due to the brand not being able to establish a deep connection with its potential and current customers.

When you get consumer trust and loyalty, you can go further with your business in a variety of ways, such as raising prices.

The quality of the product – or services – is a way to help you make consumers appreciate and believe in what you have to offer.


2. “Word of mouth” recommendations

When making a purchase decision, a lot of people trust the recommendations of their friends and family above all forms of advertising. That is why nothing gets close to “word of mouth” when it comes to influencing consumers.

Providing a good experience to your customers is essential, since “word of mouth” can be a persuasive factor in online and offline purchasing decisions.

When purchasing something, people want to know if other people have had a good experience with the product. The better the product a company has to offer, the more likely it is to generate positive comments and recommendations among consumers.



3. Avoid complaints and returns

It is known that the most consolidated brands get their customers to be continuously buying from them. Spending more time and money on the initial improvement of a product will minimize complaints and returns, even before it reaches the market.

The better the companies are at satisfying customers during their initial experience with a product, the more likely customers are to become loyal.


4. Product details

The quality of the product is assessed by its appearance, touch and sound.

Colors, shapes, textures and resources – such as packaging or bags – make all the difference in the consumer’s experience and can help you stand out from the competition.

Customers perceive and privilege these details and they can definitely make or break a purchase.

Nowadays, there are so many options for similar products on the market that unique attributes and designs have a big impact on purchasing decisions.


5. Produce a higher return on investment (ROI)

There is a strong positive association between quality and profit.

In fact, a product’s high quality generates a higher return on investment (ROI). Fewer defects or failures result in lower manufacturing and service costs for the company. As long as these gains exceed the spendings on defect and failure prevention, profit will naturally increase. Improvements in performance, features or other quality markers lead to increased sales and better brand positioning in the market.

The importance of product quality is unquestionable. Therefore, improving the quality of your product brings countless benefits for your company. Also, the positive correlation between product quality and sales should be enough reason to make it a priority in your business strategy.

The trust, credibility and loyalty that come from satisfied customers will have an impact on sales and will generate positive recommendations about a product (or service). This also helps your company reach new audiences.

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