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Seat Belt: Benefits of its use

The seat belt is an indispensable device to protect both the driver and passengers. This is designed to prevent the occupants projection out of the vehicle, avoiding or minimizing the severity of injuries in the event of an accident.

However, several people continue to not to use the seat belt because they think it is uncomfortable or even for fear of being trapped in the vehicle in the event of an accident. However, statistics show that the use of seat belts reduces both the severity of accidents and the occurrence of injuries. Continue reading the article.


What is it and what is it for?

Seat belts are made of extremely durable materialand when  combined with  airbags and pretensioners are an asset in the event of a collision.

When airbags are triggered, they amortize the impact of passengers on vehicle surfaces, protecting and minimizing damage to the face, chest, and spine.

The pretensioners, on the other hand, allow the seat belt to be adjusted to the body, eliminating possible clearances ensuring greater safety for all occupants of the vehicle.

Accidents are  not always preventable, but the use of the belt can make all the difference with regard to the consequences. This should be enough to encourage its use, but even today the seat belt is often left out.



Seat belt against ordering

According to EU statistics, not using the belt is the third leading cause of death on the roads, right after speeding and driving under the influence of alcohol.

The Highway Code imposes the use of safety equipment and accessories, including seat belts.

In Portugal, those who walk without a belt get a fine, the amount of which can reach 600 €. In addition, the driver runs the risk of losing three points on the driving license. However, there are still many people who find its use uncomfortable.

However, according to data, its use reduces by 40% the risk of fatal accident in adult passengers travelling in the front seat and between 30% and 45% in adult passengers travelling in the back seat. Therefore, the advantages of the belt outweigh the disadvantages.



Seat belt benefits

This is useful whenever the car slows down very quickly (in a head-on collision) or accelerates very quickly (in a rear collision).

There are situations where their use can help prevent injury or save the life of the driver and passengers. Here are some examples:

  • Be in traffic and another driver hits the back of your vehicle.
  • A driver approaching and attempting to make a risky overtaking result in a head-on accident;
  • An animal crosses the road and a collision occurs.

All the car occupants must wear their seat belts appropriately to make the most of this safety equipment. To use it properly, you must fit it perfectly on your hips, chest, and shoulders.


When should you change?

Like any component of an automobile, the belt also has a service life. And as it is a fundamental item.It can put the safety of all occupants at risk if it is not in a perfect condition. Its wear is noted in the following situations:

  • Buckle does not remain attached to the clasp.
  • Seat belt locked.
  • Worn belt fabric.

It is at these times that they must bereplaced. Used incorrectly, not only is it less effective in reducing the severity of injuries sustained during a collision, but it can also cause more injuries that would not otherwise have occurred if the seat belt had been used correctly.

Therefore, knowing how to use it is a guarantee of exposing yourself to minor risks.

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