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Speed Limiter: What you need to know

Constantly looking at the speedometer to not  exceeded the speed limit is something that most drivers do on the  daily basis. Currently, this can be easily controllable thanks to the speed limiter.

This system allows the driver to record a maximum speed at which he/she wishes to drive . In addition to this, it has also another important advantages:

  • Lower maintenance costs in the brake system, engine and  tires;
  • Road safety
  • Greater comfort for the driver.
  • Lower fuel consumption;
  • Avoid unnecessary driving penalties


What is the speed limiter?

The speed limiter, as the name implies, has the function of controlling the speed of a car. This speed is previously set by the driver, preventing it from being exceeded.

If the vehicle exceeds the speed allowed in the limiter, visual and/or audible alerts will be released to warn the driver. However, it should be noted that this type of system does activate the brakes such as proximity sensors.

The speed limiter is usually situated near the “cruise control” button, having as a differentiating point, the non-obligation to always maintain the same speed.



Has the speed limiter influence in road safety?

The answer to this question is yes. When well used,  car’s safety tools work at 100% and the speed limiter is no exception. When you set the speed appropriate to the conditions of the road on which you travel, it will certainly work.

However, all car manufacturers warn that this system does not replace other care while driving.


Will it be mandatory?

Yes, all cars that will be produced from July 6, 2022 will have to be equipped with an automatic speed limiter. According to the European Union, this and other systems that will be implemented later this year will contribute to a significant reduction in deaths caused by speeding on the roads.

Another mandatory system that will be implemented are:

  • Lane assistant
  • Anti-Collision control.
  • Introduction of front and rear cameras in the vehicles.
  • Installation of “black boxes”, also used in airplanes.


Passenger and Heavy vehicles speed limits

The limiter is already present in some heavy passenger vehicles, such as tourist buses or children’s transport.

These buses have a tachograph that serves not only to record vehicle information, but also assesses if driver respects the  100 km/h speed limit when transporting passenger and limiting the speed up to 90 km/h in case of freight transport.

The tachograph system works with two components: the conductor’s disc / card and the tachograph itself. The tachograph  records the speed of the vehicle as well as the driving hours.

In case of inspection, the police directly check this data on the driver’s disk / card, and is subject to heavy fines if it is a professional driver did not accomplish the rules.

In the case of  heavy  vehicles it operates in a slightly  different way since  also contributes to fuel consumption

It should be noted that, since the speed limiter has been implemented in heavy vehicles, there has been a significant decrease in the number of road accidents.

Did you realize now the importance of the speed limiter?

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