Sustainability: How to make your workshop environmentally friendly

When we are talking about environmental sustainability the automotive industry is in the centre of the debate. Each day even more companies are taking in consideration the environment issues, following the market trend for greener and sustainable businesses.

For this reason, among others, it´s crucial that your workshop adopts an ecological behaviour.
Reduce the environmental footprint of your workshop has not only a huge impact on the Planet Earth as well is your business.

Announce your workshop has eco friendly place is a new market trend and allows to differentiate your business from the competitors.

Mostly consumers are now searching for companies that have a good and ecological impact on environment. With few steps you will be able to contribute to a greener planet and associate your business to an eco-friendly business.


What is Environmental Sustainability?

We cannot assume a clear definition for that since we have lots of points of view to take in consideration. What we can assume is how it can be achieved.

However, nowadays, sustainability is considered as the processes and actions that human beings will have to do to assure ecological stability and avoid overuse the natural resources. When an action has not a negative impact or respects the environmental standards is considered sustainable

To transform your workshop in a sustainable business you should focus on waste reduction and to minimize the impact of daily basis operations.


How to Transform your Workshop in an Eco friendly Place?

Assuming that sustainability is now a acquired concept is time now to thing what to do and what to make to change you environmental impact.

Have a look in these 7 actions that will make your workshop a greener place:


1. Order in bundles

Instead of order in small quantities start to make it in bundles. Bundling is not only a way to save money. It also can reduce the waste volume and packaging usage.


2. Use absorbents approprietely

Most of workshops use sand or other materials to absorb and clean the oil and it´s common to throw it to normal garbage. It can contaminate the environment and it´s a very dangerous practise.

Collect the absorbents used and make sure that are delivered in the certified place or institution.


3. Don´t allow toxic waste to infiltrate in the draining pipes

You should create preventive measures to assure that those products don´t drain in the water pumps or similar by installing a hydrocarbon filter system that allows to manage those waste in a more responsible and greener way.



4. Monitorize electicity and water bills

To assure that there´s any leaks or malformations on the system it´s essential a regular inspection to your water or electricity bills.

Just a tiny leak in the water system can have a huge impact on the environment and in the water bill.

Assure that Electricity company makes a regular inspection on energy system and consumption.

You can also save money and protect the environment by :

  • Using efficiently the auto lifters, making all the interventions in one round.
  • Try to use natural light
  • Replace your light bulbs for a LED one


5. Use an efficient lighting system

Turn off your lighting system when is not necessary. Motion sensors or timers should be taken in consideration to reduce your electricity bill and reduce the environmental footprint.


6. Try to use non-toxic products

Make your business more sustainable. Try to use non-toxic products. Those products can have higher costs, but the benefits of these investment exceed the investment.

If your intention is to become greener and more ecological responsible this is a step that you must follow.


7. Use recycling containers

The recycling process of paper and plastics recipients will have a huge impact in your waste production.

The investment in recycling containers appropriated for each type of waste should be done. All your staff should have the awareness for those environmental practices and it´s crucial to support those idea of sustainable business.

Be profitable and greener is possible. Although the initial investment the mid long term will have a return on investment.


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