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The best pneumatic oil pumps

The pneumatic oil pump is one of the most commonly used industrial lubrication tools. In the automotive sector, this tool is essential to lubricate various components, thus ensuring effective vehicle operationality.

First, one must understand that pneumatics is a branch of technology based on using the force of compressed gases to produce mechanical effects.

As such, pneumatic pumps use mechanical forces to manipulate fluids within microfluidic channels.

Read on to find out what a pneumatic oil pump is and its uses.

Firstly, the importance of lubricating tools in car garages is essential to note, followed by an awareness of the types of lubrication tools available.


What are lubrication tools used for?

Lubrication equipment includes lubrication injectors, lubrication pumps, hydraulic pumps, oil injectors, and lubricating oil systems, all of which ensure the lubrication of various components.

Where the mechanical industry is concerned, lubrication is one of the pillars of ensuring effective vehicle operation and is a crucial step in preventive vehicle maintenance.

Generally speaking, lubricating tools can be divided into hand tools (e.g. grease pumps) and automatic tools (e.g. automatic lubrication systems).



What is a pneumatic oil pump?

A pneumatic oil pump helps transfer fluids with low viscosity, such as engine oil, transmission fluid, or coolant.

Depending on the model, these oil pumps can be mounted on a wall or placed directly in the drum or tank.


How do pneumatic oil pumps work?

The basic principle of a pneumatic pump focuses on using gas or pressurised gas to transfer fluids from one location to another. In industrial applications, this involves using compressed inert gases or compressed air.

These pumps use a double-piston system in which one of the pistons has a much smaller diameter than the other, and they are separated by an airtight chamber filled with liquid or compressed gas.

The compressed gas applies external pressure to the piston with the larger diameter, which then applies pressure to the gas or liquid in the intermediate chamber.

A significantly stronger force is then applied to the smaller piston, which, in turn, produces a powerful mechanical action.



What types of pneumatic oil pumps are there?

There are many types of pneumatic oil pumps. However, the most popular for automotive applications are:


  • Pneumatic diaphragm pumps

Pneumatic diaphragm pumps (whether piston or plunger) use a plunger/piston mechanism to facilitate the movement of fluids through a cylindrical chamber.

This mechanism is activated through pneumatic, electric, hydraulic or steam force;


  • Pneumatic pumps for liquids

Pneumatic pumps for liquids are used exclusively to move liquids;


  • Pneumatic test pumps

Pneumatic test pumps are constructed and configured to test the potential output of a specific pneumatic system.


Which oil pumps are available in the KROFtools catalogue?

As pneumatic oil pumps are one of the most important lubrication tools in any car garage, we’ve ensured the KROFtools catalogue contains models that adapt to various circumstances.

You’re sure to find a pneumatic oil pump that guarantees the productivity of your garage from our range of pumps with varying pressures and capacities. Find out more about our range.


Air-Operated 5:1 Oil Pump 940mm



This oil pump has a length of 940mm and a compression ratio of 5:1, a maximum flow pressure of 40 Bar, a relative capacity of 14L/m, and a suction pipe diameter of 42mm.

Click on the image to find out more about our Air-Operated 5:1 Oil Pump 940mm (Ref.8325).


Air-Operated 5:1 Oil Pump 1250mm



This oil pump with a length of 1250mm has an F1/4″g air inlet connection and an M1/2″g oil outlet connection. It consumes 125L/m of air and has a relative capacity of 14L/m.

Click on the image to find out more about our Air-Operated 5:1 Oil Pump 1250mm (Ref.8315).


Trolley Mounted Pneumatic 5:1 Oil Dispenser Kit 180-220Kg



This kit consists of:

  • An oil meter with a flow rate of 0-35L/m, a 5-digit LCD display, and 1/2″ GNP input and output connections;
  • An oil pump with a 5:1 compression ratio, a 940mm-long suction pipe, 1/4″ quick plug/ 1/4″ NPT female air inlet connection and 1/2″ male oil delivery connection.

Click on the image to find out more about our Trolley Mounted Pneumatic 5:1 Oil Dispenser Kit 180-220Kg (Ref.8301).


How much does a pneumatic oil pump cost?

Prices of pneumatic oil pumps are dependent on several factors, including the manufacturer, model, and technology employed. However, they generally cost hundreds of euros.

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