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Tool Box: Which is best for your garage

A huge variety of professionals rely on tool boxes to do their jobs, not least mechanics, carpenters, and car body technicians, who must always have a tool kit nearby.

In this article, we’ll be explaining the best option for your workshop, the tools you should have in your tool kit, and the things to take into account when buying one. Keep reading!


What is a tool box?

A tool box is where professionals keep all the tools they need to do their jobs, allowing them to transport them easily and systematically so that they are easily accessible whenever they need them.

Toolboxes are made out of metals such as iron and aluminium, making them harder and more durable.


What is a tool box for?

Tool boxes allow mechanics, carpenters, and car body repair teams, among others, to carry large numbers of tools to wherever they may need to go and store them when they see fit, saving time, and increasing productivity.

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What should you have in your tool bag?

  • Mechanics’ gloves

Work gloves are an essential piece of kit, not only to ensure safety and cleanliness but also because they allow mechanics to grasp the components, accessories, and tools they need to work in a car garage.

As such, all mechanics must have a few pairs in their toolbox.

Click on the image below to learn more about our Mechanics’ work gloves (Ref.LUVAS).


  • LED Work Light

Any mechanic knows the importance of good lighting in their workplace. Having an LED headlamp in their toolbox means they can ensure good lighting in any workspace without any problems.

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Click on the image below to find out more about our COB 3W LED work light (Ref.1097).


  • Wrenches

Any toolbox must contain wrenches and ratchets in the sizes required for the purposes for which they will be used. Each type of wrench should have its own compartment in any toolbox.

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Click on the image below to learn more about our 06×07 open end wrench (Ref.207).


  • Hammer

Mechanics may face the need to break, bend, or even shape materials at any given time as they work. This is where a hammer comes in handy.

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Click on the image below for more information about our 300-gram Ball-peen hammer (Ref.240).


  • Scissors and electrical tape

If you work near electrical wires, electrical tape and scissors are essential items for your toolbox.

The tape prevents exposed wires from giving mechanics a shock, which would certainly not be beneficial for their work.

Once you’ve checked you’ve got every tool on this list, you’ll be sure to have a fully stocked toolbox that ensures you’re ready for any need you may face.


What types of jobs are toolboxes used for?

  • Work done in a car garage;
  • Car body repair jobs;
  • Mechatronics jobs.
  • Among others


Which tool boxes are available in the KROFtools catalogue?

  • 5-Compartment Tool box

The 5-compartment tool box is the simplest box in the KROFtools catalogue. A toolbox made up of only 5 compartments, it is lightweight and can be carried anywhere with little difficulty.

This toolbox features 2 handles that can be used to quickly open and close the toolbox, as well as a separator inside one of the compartments to help keep screws and bushings well-organised.

Click on the image below to learn more about our 5-Compartment Toolbox (Ref.7835).


  • 7-Compartment toolbox

Our 7-compartment toolbox is the most advanced aluminium in the KROFtools catalogue.

This toolbox is perfect for storing all kinds of tools with ease.

It’s worth remembering that you should select a compartment for each type of tool or utensil for best use of your box.

Just like the 5-compartment toolbox, this box has 2 handles that can be used to quickly open and close the toolbox.

Click on the image below to learn more about our 7-Compartment Toolbox (Ref.7834).

  • 111-piece VDE Insulated Tool box

The 111-piece VDE insulated toolbox includes a wide range of screwdriversplierssaws and precision tweezers, allowing mechanics to work with electric or hybrid cars.

As the name implies, all the tools contained within the toolbox are insulated to prevent them from conducting charges, therefore protecting mechanics and electricians from electric shocks.

Click on the image below to find out more about our 111-piece VDE Insulated Tool Set (Ref.3022).



Which is the best tool box for your garage?

There is no one tool bag for all situations. When selecting a tool case you should choose the one that best suits your needs, taking into account the type of tools you use.


What should you consider when buying an empty tool box?

  • The material it is made out of;
  • The number of compartments;
  • The type of opening mechanism;
  • The number of handles.


How much does a tool box cost?

Prices of tool boxes can vary between 30 and 300 euros.

However, prices will vary depending on a specifications and whether your toolbox is sold full or empty.

Now that you know which toolbox is best for you, you can go ahead and buy it, giving you the comfort you need to take all your car tools with you wherever you go.

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