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KROFtools Transmission Jack: How to use

Find out how you can use the KROFtools Transmission Jack.

Today we bring you another article about one of our products: the Transmission Monkey.

Read on to ensure you get the best out of this tool and it´s support – a shock compressor that makes the jack even more versatile.


Transmission Monkey

Kroftools Transmission Jack is a robust and reliable tool that comes out of the box almost ready to use.

After mounting the transmission jack, it is necessary to let it rest vertically for about 1 hour.


After that, follow the following steps:

  1. Press the pedal between 15 and 20 times;
  2. Trigger the descent of the jack by turning the purge handle counterclockwise. This allows you to purge the air that is inside the hydraulic circuit.
  3. Now try the transmission monkey.

transmission jack-1

transmission jack-2

transmission jack-3

It can also install the rubber support with its adapters, to make the transmission jack even more solid and reliable – thanks to the high-grip rubber material.

transmission jack-4


To do the installation, follow these steps:

  1. Remove the support that comes with the jack.
  2. Insert the rubber support.
  3. Tighten the screw with a 6mm inner hemm wrench to ensure it stays in place.


Support for transmission jack

But this piece has more functionalities since it’s also a shock compressor, turning the transmission jack into an even more versatile tool.

By compressing the spring, this tool allows you to lift the suspension arms of the damper. By compressing the damper, the force exerted on the suspension arms is relieved, thus allowing to remove shock absorbers with “cup” fixation.

support for transmission jack

support for transmission jack-2

Support for transmission jack-3

support for transmition jack-4

Easy and safe!

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