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What Automotive Fuses are?

Auto fuses are safety equipment placed on the electrical system usually located under the steering wheel or near the battery.

Do you know what they’re for? In this article we will explain you!


What automotive fuses are ?

Fuses are present in fuse boxes and are safety devices that protect a car’s electrical circuits from excessive electrical currents.

Without a fuse, any overloaded wire can melt and ignite.

Each electrical circuit must always have its own fuse.

  • Fuses with high protection capability protect high-current circuits.
  • Fuses with lower protection capability protect low-current circuits.

In cars, fuses work in conjunction with components such as electric power steering and auto radiator fans.


What are the most common fuses?

Fuses are distinguished by their amperage with their color:

  • 3A: Violet.
  • 4A: Pink;
  • 5A: Cream;
  • 7.5A: Brown;
  • 10A: Red;
  • 15A: Blue;
  • 20A: Yellow;
  • 25A: Transparent;
  • 30A: Green;
  • 35A: Light blue;
  • 40A: Orange.


What are automotive fuses used for?

Fuses are responsible for disrupting the electricity flow to the cables, terminals and electrical equipment when there is an electrical overload avoiding a short circuit in the electrical system

During the normal operation of the electrical system, the electrical current passes without any problem in the fuses, but when they detect a current above what they can withstand they will  self-destruct cutting the current passage .

Each fuse has its capacity and must be placed in the right place according to the manufacturer.

If the electrical system burns several fuses, it must replace them with fuses of equal capacity, because if you put fuses of higher capacity than advised can put the electrical system at risk.



How to clean the auto fuse box?

Don’t know how to clean the fuse box? That’s easy. We explain.

You should use a specific cleaner to electrical circuits and spray it on fuse contact points.

Cleaning the fuse box is critical as it eliminates debris and protects against rust and other oxidation.

What are the reasons to an overload in the electrical circuit?

  • Burned components and devices
  • Damaged insulation.
  • Short circuits.


What is the sign of a burned fuse?

  • Electronic devices not working
  • The lighter plug does not work.
  • Burning smell

If you want to check each fuse individually, you must open the fuses box.

You can remove each of the fuses to check its condition, but you should keep in mind that they are fragile components and require some care.

If you have a broken or cracked fuse, you should also replace it.



What should you do when you have a blown fuse?

If you have a blown fuse in the fuse box, change it for a new one with the same amperage.

The blown fuse allows the car to be used normally with the attenuation of not being able to use the component associated to that.


How to replace automotive fuses?

It should always replace the fuses with similar amperage according to the manufacturer’s specifications.

It can be done manually, removing the blown or damaged fuse with protective gloves and  a specific tool .

Please note that before any interventions you should always check the vehicle´s manual .

Replacing fuses can be a simple process, but it requires some care that can make the difference between burning an electrical system or keeping it in good condition.

If you are not comfortable performing this procedure, we advise you to go  to your mechanic.



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