Workwear: 5 Things mechanics look for

Find out what workwear features are most valued by mechanics.

The workwear that employees wear has a major impact on their performance, especially in the car repair industry. If they do not feel comfortable with the workwear they wear, they will not be as productive as expected.

High quality uniforms can improve the safety, reliability, and professionalism of all team members.

Read on and discover the advantages of using appropriated uniforms and what characteristics you should privilege when investing in them.


What are the main advantages of investing in workwear?

Workwear, such as an uniform, helps to create a strong culture within any organization.

During the Industrial Revolution, employees and business managers were required to wear uniforms so that their positions and functions were easily distinguished.

Today, corporate work wear provides not only identification, but also more safety and comfort

Learn about some of the most important benefits of wearing workwear at work:

1. Business opportunity

Most employees believe that wearing uniforms to work is just a matter of good look or a way to project a professional image. However, the purpose of a uniform goes beyond that.

The use of work clothes can be a way to establish brand identity and works as a strong tool of your company’s Marketing strategy.


2. Promotes Cohesion

Work clothes can help to create unity and a sense of cohesion. Senior positions seem less intimidating and more accessible.

This feeling that everyone in the organization is at the same level, allows to strengthen ties and build a strong team spirit.


3. Saves time and money

The uniform can facilitate the day-to-day life of employees, saving valuable money and time spent on the purchase of new clothes.

It also helps prevent an employee from wearing inappropriate clothing during working hours.



4. Offers protection

The uniform not only meets the needs of a company’s brand and recognition, but also provides protection to employees while performing their tasks.

With the advancement of fabric technology, the materials used in the confection of work clothes have become more durable and safer over time.


5. Brand recognition

This is perhaps the most common and important reason for an organization to invest in the collective use of work clothes. In essence, a uniform helps promote brand recognition in an easy and efficient way.

Factors such as design and an unique logo help to create a brand identity. Beyond creating brand awareness it also helps to provide a good customer experience, making it easier to identify employees.



What are the characteristics of workwear most valued by employees?

If you are thinking of equipping your team with uniforms, look for these five qualities:

1. Durable and breathable fabrics

Working in a car repair shop requires mechanics to remain active for many hours. Therefore, it is important that they are equipped with light work clothes with ventilation features and fabrics that absorb sweat. This uniforms allow your staff to remain fresh all day , working with the maximum performance and the less fatigue.


2. Repellent fabrics

Some fluids such as motor oil can stain and damage the uniform.

Work clothes with liquid repellent fabric helps prevent a variety of fluids from penetrating the tissues, avoiding stains and keeping clothing intact for a long period.


3. Comfort and flexibility

Employees make many different movements throughout the day, so it is important that the work uniform is flexible without tearing or tightening.


4. Targeting the workshop

Working in a workshop presents a set of challenges and obstacles. Car repair uniforms need to be designed to accommodate these same challenges. This means, for example, that the trousers must fit on the work boots and the seams must allow a full range of body movements.


5. Professional image

Professional Mechanic uniforms send the right message to customers. As a manager or mechanic, you will want to wear work clothes that fit well and at the same time convey confidence and professionalism.

The right uniform needs to promote good performance at work and have an elegant appearance for customers.

Look for features such as ventilation, functionality, comfort, flexibility, liquid repellency and a professional image.


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