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Wrong fuel in your car? Find out what to do

Know how to act if you put the wrong fuel in your car.

Do you know what to do when you fill your car with the wrong fuel?

Making this mistake may seem unlikely, but it’s actually a situation that happens frequently.

Although car brands and gas stations have developed strategies to minimize these errors, they still occur. Therefore, it is essential to know how to proceed if these accidents happen to you or someone close to you.


What you should do if you put the wrong fuel in car

1. Don’t try to start the car

Starting the car after incorrect fueling can cause permanent damage to the engine and lead to costly repairs. If you realize that you have filled up with the wrong fuel, do not start the car.


2. Move the car to a safe place

Put the car in neutral and, if you are still at the filling station, ask for help to push the car to a safe location.


3. Call for help

Contact your insurance agency or your trusted mechanic. They will know how to help you.


What are the symptoms of filling up with the wrong fuel?

Although there are differences in the sizes of the filling nozzles, the risk of putting gasoline in a diesel car or diesel in a gasoline car still exists.


If you put gasoline in a diesel engine, you might notice:
• Abnormal noise during acceleration
• Excess smoke
• Slower acceleration than usual
• Engine light on dashboard
• Engine failures

If you put diesel in a gasoline engine, you might notice:
• Excess smoke
• Engine failures
• Difficulty in starting


What happens if I put diesel in a gasoline powered engine?

Filling the tank with the wrong fuel is harmful for any automobile. However, introducing diesel into a gasoline engine can have even more serious consequences.

If you put diesel in the fuel tank of a gasoline car, do not start the car. Starting the car will cause the diesel to circulate and contaminate the entire fuel system.

Diesel is an oily and heavier fuel than gasoline, and is not as combustible. If it circulates through the fuel system, the engine may not start but will definitely be contaminated.

Most of the time, the repair involves washing the entire fuel system and replacing the filters. However, if the engine has been started, the damage can become more serious and it may be necessary to repair the entire power circuit or even the car’s engine.




What happens if I put gasoline in the diesel engine?

This is the most common type of misfueling, since the gas filler nozzle fits easily into the neck of a diesel car’s fuel tank.

If you put gasoline in a diesel car, the most important thing to do is to not start the engine. Turning on the ignition will cause the fuel to circulate, damaging the entire system.

Gasoline will act as a solvent, damaging the fuel pump and other parts of the system. If it is not checked in time, it can imply repairing the entire fuel system or replacing various parts, such as the tank, the filters or the injectors.

While this error can have less serious consequences than putting diesel in a gasoline engine, the wrong fuel in a diesel engine can shorten the life of the car and lead to costly repairs.


How to prevent fueling with the wrong fuel?

Filling a car with the wrong fuel can be very expensive, so you should actually bet on preventing it.

There are a few ways to reduce the likelihood of filling up with the wrong fuel, such as:

  • Check the color of the hose or the nozzle before filling;
    • Carefully read the label on the hose;
    • Put reminders inside the car or a sticker on the tank lid;
    • Avoid refueling in a hurry – you’re more prone to error.

You should also avoid distractions when refueling your car. Paying attention to what you are doing will help you minimize mistakes and avoid unexpected expenses.



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