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Fuel Filter: Everything you need to know

The fuel filter helps to remove harmful particles that may be in the car tank. Get to know in this article what is the fuel filter main function and when to change it. Stay with us!


Fuel filter

The fuel filter is present in all cars and does the fuel filtering process.

When the car starts, the fuel pump pulls the fuel to the injectors.

Firstly, this fuel passes through the fuel filter to filter all residues and impurities contained in the liquid or in the vehicle tank. After this filtration, the engine cylinders star the combustion process.


What’s the fuel filter for?

The fuel filter has the function of filtering the impurities that are present in the fuel to protect the engine and injection system, preventing impurities such as dust and rust from harming the fuel before the combustion process in the engine block.


Where’s the fuel filter?

The location of the fuel filter depends on vehicle to vehicle. It is usually located between the fuel tank and the engine.


What are the symptoms of dirty or clogged fuel filter?

  • Difficulty to start the engine

When the fuel filter is clogged, the amount of fuel that reaches the injectors is reduced and the car has difficulty to start.

  • Power loss

When you press the accelerator pedal and the vehicle does not respond with a higher rotation or has a longer response, it may be an indicator symptom that the fuel filter is clogged.

  • Irregular operation

A clogged fuel filter makes the flow of fuel reaching the injectors irregular, which can lead to engine malfunction and damage to other components.

  • Increased fuel consumption

If the engine has to make a greater effort to compensate for the lower pressure at the fuel pump, the vehicle is likely to have higher fuel consumption.

  • Fuel pump damaged

The clogged fuel filter can damage the pump as it has to make greater effort to “pull” the fuel. This increased effort may cause damage to the pump and make necessary to replace it.

  • Check Engine light on

The check engine light may turn on for various reasons and it is not the clogging fuel filter that causes it to turn on directly. However, engine malfunction caused by a bad fuel filter can turn on the engine light on the  panel. With the light on, the engine goes into safe mode, decreasing mechanical performance.



What to do to prevent the fuel filter from getting clogged?

  1. Use fuel with quality;
  2. Check the fuel filter regularly.
  3. Avoid driving with the car with few fuel on the tank


When should the fuel filter be changed?

According to experts, it is advisable to change the diesel filter every 10,000 km and the gasoline filter every 25,000 km.

Whether it is to change the diesel filter or to change the petrol filter, you should always follow the car manufacturer’s instructions.


How much does a fuel filter cost?

The price of a fuel filter is around 45 euros.

KROFtools reminds you that this component must be replaced by a mechanic.

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