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KROFtools Ratcheting Disc Brake Pad Spreader: How to use it

Today we want to present you one more KROFtools product, the Ratcheting Disc Brake Pad Spreader.

We want to show you how to use it and get the best results with it.

Ready to take notes? Let’s do it!

Changing brake pads  and brake discs are two of the most frequent tasks in a  workshop. Any time saved in this interventions can have a huge impact on your daily basis and workshop efficiency !

When new brake pads are installed  the brake pistons should be further away to  compensate the thicker Pads.  KrofTools’ Ratcheting Disc Brake Pad Spreader will take care of it instantly

Tip: Change the pad position to change the direction of the ratchet.

It is no longer necessary to use screwdrivers and other levers. This tool will not only save you time, but also protects the brake pistons during the the operation.

It’s very useful, isn’t it?

If you prefer, you can watch this video tutorial on our YouTube channel. Take the  opportunity to subscribe  the channel and receive notifications every time we post a new video.

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