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Driving license in Europe: Learn more

A driving license issued in the European Union is valid in all EU countries, approved by the International Driving Law.

Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway are countries where the driving license is also valid because they are part of the European Economic Area.

Outside the European Union

The driving license is valid in some countries due to reciprocity agreements.

This way, is recognized in both countries that have assigned the agreement.



What to do when the driver’s license is not valid?

When the license is not valid in a foreign country, you must apply for the issuance of the International Driving License (LIC) which enable you to drive legally in the host country.

The license is valid for one year or subject to the validity of your license in the country of origin if the time is shorter.

Countries that do not accept an international driving license

Some countries as Ethiopia, China and North Korea do not recognize the LIC. This because only countries that subscribe the Geneva Road Traffic Convention and the Vienna Road Traffic Convention are obliged to accept it.



How to renew your driving license in another EU country

If you have moved to another EU country and your driving licence expires, you must renew it in that country if this is your domicile.

Your driving license may have a different validity period than your previous license, so you should take this into account. It is also subject to the restrictions and conditions applicable in your host country.

If your license has been suspended, cancelled, restricted or you have been withdrawn from the EU country that issued it, you will not be able to renew it.

Get a license in the EU

To get your driving licence in the EU you need to:

  • Have a domicile in the EU country where you want to get the license
  • Have the minimum age requirements
  • Have the minimum medical requirements
  • Has been approved in the driving test.

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